By Kyle James  |  10-12-2017   News
Photo credit: Mecklenburg County Jail

Two men have been extradited to Charlotte from Maryland after being charged with the murder of an Uber driver and one of them will not face the death penalty. James Stevens is scheduled to appear in court on November 16.

The family of the victim, Medina-Chevez, said the body was found so badly beaten that he had to be identified with dental records. The CMPD said the results were confirmed by the Medical Examiner on Friday afternoon. The Two suspects names are James Stevens and Diontray Adams, both are accused of beating the Uber driver to death and robbing him.

After a warrant was issued for their arrests both were arrested for tying up and beating Media-Chevez. Adams has been charged with First Degree Murder, First Degree Kidnapping, Robbery with a Dangerous Weapon, and Financial Card Theft. Stevens has been charged First Degree Murder, First Degree Kidnapping, Possession of a Stolen Vehicle, and Robbery with a Dangerous Weapon.

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