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Five Federal Criminal Illegal Alien MS-13 Members Detained by ICE for Murders in Maryland

Law enforcement in Maryland says they've been investigating a cruel and savage murder of a woman who was beaten to death back in June and finally made several arrests in relation to the crime.

According to Anne Arundel County Police, they first discovered what appeared to be a woman's body buried in a shallow grave near a youth camp in Annapolis, Maryland was known as Camp Barrett.

Shortly thereafter the discovery they were able to identify the victim as 21-year-old Jenni B. Rivera Lopez.

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The Office of the Chief Medical Examiner stated that they had indeed believed the cause of death to be the homicide, which then leads police to search for clues as to who may have murdered the woman.

At the beginning of August, Lt. Ryan Frashure, the police spokesman, confirmed that investigators believe Rivera Lopez’s death is gang-related but declined to elaborate, citing an ongoing investigation.

Nearly two months have passed with Rivera Lopez’s family in complete shock and left wondering if law enforcement would ever find the evil individuals who took their loved one from them.

Then this week, Anne Arundel County police have linked three other recent killings to the same gangs they believe are responsible, although officers have provided very few details.

Finally after months of silence the United States Immigration and Customs Enforcement agency made an announcement today that they've made several arrests in relation to the death of Rivera Lopez and several other victims in the region; stating that the gangs who were responsible were MS-13 members who are not only in the United States of America illegally but have struck fear into the hearts of surrounding communities.

“ICE focuses its enforcement resources on individuals who pose a threat to national security, public safety, and border security,” the agency said in a statement.

ICE has now placed immigration detainers on the five MS-13 Members believed to be responsible for the series of grotesque and heartless murders.

Ervin Figueroa, Brenda Argueta, Ronald Mendez Sosa, Darvin Guerra-Zacarias, and Francisco Ramirez Pena, have all been taken into custody by Special Agents.

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Police Chief of Anne Arundel County Tim Alomar said, “If you’re in fear if you think a gang wants to hurt you, I’m begging you to come and talk to us.”

He went on, “Your lives matter to us, it’s our job to keep you safe, we take it seriously, and we will move heaven and earth to get you the help you need if you need help to stay safe.”

The FBI has also stated that the series of murders have occurred over the past three to five weeks in multiple locations where bodies have been found.

It only further underscores that the Trump Administration and Attorney General Jeff Sessions are both actively pursuing this dangerous criminal syndicate and attempting to get them the hell out of our country and brought to justice.

While it's a complete travesty that so many lives have already been lost at the hands of this specific group of five it undoubtedly makes the streets of Maryland and nearby communities safer knowing they're no longer roaming freely.


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