By: Steve Dellar | 10-13-2017 | News
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Equifax Software Brings Malware To IRS Servers

The 7 million dollar contract the IRS had with scandal ridden company Equifax will be broken by the public administration after it appeared that the Equifax website was infested with malware.

Equifax tried to salvage the situation after the IRS had informed the world they had found a handy way out of a heavily criticized contract, by posting that a vendor was "running code that was serving malicious content" on their website without their knowledge and then adding: "Since we learned of the issue, the vendor's code was removed from the webpage and we have taken the webpage offline to conduct further analysis."

Equifax, which is by now mostly known for having exposed half of all adult Americans to an identity theft hack, maintained that the latest security breach was not officially a hack but rather a coding mistake.

However, the IRS commented that consumers which would log on to the Equifax website could still easily download malware and therefore thought it better to drop all future cooperation: "Following new information available today, the IRS temporarily suspended its short-term contract with Equifax for identity proofing services. During this suspension, the IRS will continue its review of Equifax systems and security."

It was supported by the country’s largest IT Asset Managers organization, whose CEO Ms Barbara Rembiesa stated: "Equifax is known publicly to have security breaches, and they are not correcting them. Why are we spending all this money to give our data to a company that has clear problems with the technology?"

She even stated that the former Equifax CEO, Mr Richard Smith, misled Congress: "On the very day that Equifax's former chief executive misled Congress by scapegoating a single employee for their second major data breach in four years, the IRS announced that it was awarding the company with a contract which will allow it to leak out even more personally identifiable information about taxpayers. “

“The prospect of this happening should horrify any elected official who is charged with looking out for the welfare of American consumers. Congress needs to slam on the brakes here and kill this IRS contract."


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Anonymous No. 9573 2017-10-13 : 19:29

All this is happening with your tax money

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