By: Steve Dellar | 10-13-2017 | News
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FBI Investigating Puerto Rico Officials Misuse Of Emergency Funds

The FBI released a short press statement today asking for the public’s help with the claimed misappropriation of emergency funds by public officials in Puerto Rico.

It read: “The FBI has received numerous complaints of mishandling and misappropriation of emergency supplies provided by the federal government for the people of Puerto Rico, by local government officials. We are working to quickly determine any basis for criminal charges against any public official who would abuse their office and the people of Puerto Rico in this manner.”

Several complaints have been received by the local San Juan office. Carlos Osorio, the FBI spokesman in Puerto Rico, declared: “I can’t say how many complaints we’ve had that local officials are misappropriating supplies. We’re looking into the complaints, as we do with any complaints that may have a criminal violation nexus.”

The US government had taken over distribution efforts from local Puerto Rico officials since 8 October, after first reports surfaced in the Miami Herald that some local mayors had ‘stumbled on the job’.

The role of San Juan Mayor Ms. Carmen Yulin Cruz Soto has also been questioned. Ms. Cruz Soto spread to nationwide fame after she accused the Trump White House Administration of not doing enough to deliver relief to the island.

However, reports were soon returned that the goods had been delivered but were still sitting in the port that Ms. Cruz Soto was in charge of. Rumors then came in that truck drivers were on strike, and that local government corruption was preventing the goods from reaching the people.

<a href=""> President Trump was critical of Puerto Rico just yesterday </a> when he claimed the Islanders would need to do more themselves.

Another Puerto Rico Mayor, Mr. Angel Perez Otero of the town of Guaynabo, claims the San Juan mayor was not joining meetings FEMA meetings: “I’ve seen other mayors participating. She’s not. We are receiving a lot of help from FEMA and the Red Cross. There is lots of help coming to us.”


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Democrats are so silent right now….

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