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Photo credit: Wilmington Police

Federal Criminal Illegal Alien in Delaware Drowns 3-Month-Old, 5-Year-Old Children

Law enforcement in Wilmington, Delaware say that a Federal Criminal Illegal Alien has now been arrested for murdering two young children.

30-year-old Kula Pelican is an illegal alien from Liberia, who was expecting to be deported back to her country of origin since her lover, Victor Eppelle, had just been sent back to where he belongs just several days ago.

Police officers from the Wilmington Department were called to the residence on the 800 block of West 9th Street at nearly 4 AM on Monday for what was reported as a welfare check on children who were living in the home.

Officers determined that everything was fine and later left the scene without incident, assuming all was in order.

Unfortunately those officers made a poor judgment call and would return just four hours later to the reports of two unresponsive children at the same address.

Pelima had then called emergency 911 and told the dispatcher she has just drowned too children.

"She was pretty matter of fact about admission that the two children were dead. Our officers discovered them in the back bathtub," Wilmington Police Department Chief Robert Tracy said.

According to Police Chief Tracy Pelima drowned not only her three and a half month old son, Solomon, but also drowned his five year old half brother.

Court paperwork shows that Pelima told police she dropped the 3-month-old into the tub and then turned on the water and left him on his back as the tub filled and he drowned.

Police say she admitted to then physically assaulting the 5-year-old boy before she dragged him to the bathroom and put his head underwater until he stopped moving.

The Liberian illegal alien was already a Federal Criminal, and now she's facing two counts of first-degree murder and being detained on a $2 million cash bond.

She's scheduled for court later this month.


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