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Congress Investigates Obama Using Fake Trump Dossier to Obtain Surveillance Approval

The United States Congress is now looking hard into investigating if the Obama Administration and his Department of Justice cronies used intentionally falsified and malicious information to present to a secretive surveillance court in order to monitor the communications of the Trump Campaign and Transition Team after then President-Elect Trump won the election.

It has already been proven <a href="">that the FBI used the fake dossier</a> as evidence to monitor Trump Associate Carter Page which is now proven to have been not only fraudulent but a malicious report faked in order to benefit the Clinton Campaign in hopes of diminishing Donald Trump's chances to win in the eyes of the public.

If the Federal Bureau of Investigation used this fraudulent information, Congress believes that the Obama Administration and the corrupt Loretta Lynch could have just as likely propagated the same information to intervene in the election by monitoring Trump affiliates or even used the dossier after the election to wiretap the President-Elect of his staff in an effort to subvert the incoming Administration.

If the FBI knew about the documents and abused them knowing they were fake, could the Obama Administration and/or the Lynch Department of Justice have also had access to the dossier <a href="">from the corrupt Fusion GPS</a>?

The House Select Committee on Intelligence has undoubtedly began to crank up the volume on the Obama Administration potential criminal activities including the illegal surveillance of then Presidential Candidate Donald Trump's aides whilst they were meeting with foreign officials.

The Obama Administration and those within the DOJ who were responsible for the unmasking have long tried to argue and defend their actions using the claims that somehow Trump officials were in the wrong for meeting with diplomats or foreign business leaders; except none of those things are a crime.

Those meetings between the aides who were part of the Trump Campaign and foreign leaders should have been private; and it is in no way illegal or wrong for such conversations to occur.

It is however highly suspicious to Congress that we now know many of those conversations were recorded, including some of the President-Elect’s closest peers.

We've all seen what has happened in the media, whom are essentially an extension of the DNC and Deep State, smearing many brilliant men including General Flynn as if they're guilty of a crime (they're not).

The new round of subpoenas issued to Fusion GPS from the House Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence demands to find out the truth on these matters, and locate the source of the deception and decipher if indeed the Obama Administration knowingly was aware of the dossier or if he used a conduit such as Loretta Lynch to propose it as evidence to monitor individuals.

According to the Committee on Intelligence they also want every single application from the Justice Department given to the Federal Intelligence Surveillance Courts handed over to their respective members for review.

Those applications compiled with every bank transaction from Fusion GPS will likely provide a timeline, to know whether or not the Obama Administration is lying, as well as potentially <i>follow the money</i> going into and out of Fusion GPS to determine their motives.

Without publicly saying so, many Republicans such as Trey Gowdy have hinted that it seems as if Fusion GPS in itself was a concept invented to cover up the desire from the Obama Administration and the Hillary Clinton to cheat by spying, knowingly making up fake evidence for a surveillance approval, in tm hopes they could counter Candidate Trump's growing power levels during the campaign.

Gowdy, along with Ted Cruz, have both implied that after President-Elect Trump won it was such a shock and awe effect to the defeated Democrats that they may have then feared their legacy falling apart and used the fake information to once again get a leg up on the incoming Administration and monitor them in an efforts to remove Trump's allies to slow down progress.

While that's all theory as of this time; it truly makes sense just based upon the individuals who were taken down early on from participating in the incoming Administration.

Republican Senator Chuck Grassley who is also the Chairman of the Senate Judiciary Committee also seemed to suggest the same thing by asking FBI Director Christopher Wray if he believed that the Federal Bureau of Investigation could have presented the fraudulent dossier as evidence to the FISA courts to gain approval for monitoring.

“Mr. Steele’s dossier allegations might appear to be ‘confirmed’ by foreign intelligence, rather than just an echo of the same ‘research’ that Fusion bought from Steele and that the FBI reportedly also attempted to buy from Steele,” Grassley stated publicly in his letter.

You see, if the FBI presented those documents to the secretive court; they would have first been delivered via Obama's hand selected Justice Department attorneys.

“If this in fact happened, it would be alarming,” Grassley wrote to Wray.

That's just how the process works.

Remember, disgraced FBI Director James Comey presided over the Federal Bureau of Investigation and Attorney General Loretta Lynch oversaw the Justice Department at this time; both of whom we now know to be brutally corrupt.

Not to mention if and when Fusion GPS takes the stand they'll have to admit that former British MI6 Agent Christopher Steele, a foreign provocateur, used his foreign (London) based company Orbis Business Intelligence, to knowingly interfere in the United States election process by <a href="">handing the dossier to Buzzfeed </a>to publish.

Remember as well that <a href="">Mcclatchy reported John McCain also knew about the fake dossier </a> as per an ongoing British Lawsuit suggesting be was aware before Buzzfeed was ever given the propaganda to print.

This means that yes, individuals within the government while Obama was in charge did in fact knowingly have access to this information.

It continues to implicate both Republicans and Democrats as well as their cronies in an effort to vindictive spite Donald Trump and his efforts to not only compete in a fair election but after his victory stop his Make America Great Again brand of Nationalism from ever taking fruit.

While many folks are just ready for this to end, they have to step back and understand that <a href="">these investigations take time </a>and have to be done right.

Syncing together the links here are helping the connect-four game of endless back and forth be won, so to speak, and were coming closer to knowing the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth.

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Anonymous No. 9952 2017-10-19 : 10:59

Does this mean we can now Impeach Maxine Water? Jail Soros, Obama & Hillary? Actually put some DC people in jail for perjury, bribery, graft, and abuse of power?

I doubt we will ever see a DC Swamper, or Power broker face a honestly picked jury in a balanced scale court trial, in our life time.

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