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Honor Student Faces Felony For Using CBD for ADD

Tiffany Young and her family are facing a nightmare. Her son, just turned 15, is an honor student and future Cadet hopeful. A bright future, this moment hinges on the understanding of the court system. Tiffany’s son has been diagnosed with ADD/ADHD/ODD, PTSD and dysgraphia, a learning disability that affects neurological communication related to writing similar to the way dyslexia affects reading.

When her son was 10, they moved to Costa Rica. Since C.R. is in the southern hemisphere, they arrived after school was out of session. So her son spent a season “just being a kid” without meds. In Costa Rica, as in the US, the traditional front-line drugs for ADD/ADHD are prescription drugs like Concerta and Ritalin. In other words, they were faced with options: Speed, or more speed.

The amphetamine related medicines just didn’t work well. At one point, Tiffany recounts, her son was basically zombified. Hours spent drawing a tree over and over. They had him medicated as needed rather than as prescribed, with one dose a day but the results were still far from ideal. He still had trouble concentrating and getting to sleep.

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Tiffany sought out other solutions. She had already been learning about the effectiveness of essential oils and plant based medicines for herself while in Costa Rica. When they discovered that non-psychoactive, hemp based CBD was the most effective treatment it was a no-brainer. Why give a developing mind literal amphetamines, when a plant based medicine can do the trick without any psychoactive side effects.

While in Costa Rica he was homeschooled, but the family returned to the US recently so he could take part in the high school experience. Because of her son’s special needs, they chose a charter school. In this school he’s been excelling while taking classes in robotics, Maritime studies and several Honors and Advanced Placement courses. One day, however, Tiffany received a voice mail. Her son had been “informed on.” Someone claimed he had some THC product. This first instance led to a 1 day suspension and a charge of possession of THC oil, a felony in Florida.

Now keep in mind that hemp based CBD has been shown to be effective in treating several nerve based conditions, is not at all psychoactive and is legal in all 50 states. When they confiscated the dropper bottle from Serenity CBD they ran an out of date field test. Evidently a more accurate 7 panel test is cost-prohibitive. These out-dated field tests pick up any Cannabinoids without being able to note if the trace THC content is under the amount allowable by law. This honor student was now faced with a misdemeanor and school suspension. Taking accelerated classes, a 10 day suspension would have set him seriously behind in his studies. Luckily, they managed to explain the situation to the school who allowed him to come back to class.

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Tiffany explained the CBD oil to the school principal . She asked if she would need to take the oil to him for his second dose of the day and she said it should be no problem for him to take it to himself. This bit of misinformation led to the case being escalated. Once again, her son is singled out for what the police are now claiming is “THC oil.”

I interviewed Tiffany towards the end of last week, she had this to say.

<blockquote>”I asked if Nate could bring it to the office with Doctors note to be kept in a locked box in the office or if I needed too. Response was [that it was] okay for him. The oil was in possession of the school when officer confiscated and wrote an addendum to previous charges. So, 2 bottle confiscated, 1 charge but having two incidents in the report makes it look like he disregarded law enforcement and had it anyway.”</blockquote>

Once again, a reminder, this is legal, hemp-based, non-psychoactive CBD oil, not a cannabis based product.

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So at this moment, a bright, young, honor student is facing not only a potential felony but the sort of ruination that could make receiving financial aid and scholarships an impossibility. To be on the safe side, Tiffany had her son get certified for cannabis treatment in Florida. At this point this is just another expense on top of legal and medical fees that they are facing. If you’d like to help, <a href=””>they have a GoFundMe account</a> set up.

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Anonymous No. 10210 2017-10-23 : 18:35

this really steams me…

Tiffany Young No. 10215 2017-10-23 : 21:46

The link to the gofundme for the Youngs.

Arrested for 2 felonies No. 10515 2017-10-29 : 01:18

Received $10,000 bond

2 felonies

Super pissed

Liz No. 10668 2017-10-30 : 15:22

The kid had a bag of pot on him and no charges were filed. This woman is just trying to get attention. I spoke with her. She should have just gone on about her business but instead she is hurting the CBD industry nation wide. Stay in FB jail Oh brother!!!

Anonymous No. 10790 2017-10-31 : 15:44


Anonymous No. 10791 2017-10-31 : 15:49

"So at this moment, a bright, young, honor student is facing not only a potential felony but the sort of ruination that could make receiving financial aid and scholarships an impossibility"


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