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Racial violence is an ongoing debate all across the mainstream media on an almost daily occurrence.

Claims of oppression or discrimination; it's really all they talk about on CNN and MSNBC and every liberal rag on the internet.

However you rarely hear about the truthful accounts of Whites who are a victim of Anti-White attacks both physically and verbally based upon their skin color.

One could correlate this to the ongoing White Genocide in South Africa; where the Afrikaner are being slaughtered in a mass murder scheme and the entire world remains silent over the atrocities occurring.

Similarly any and all cases of Anti-White attacks are underreported if at all ever reported in the mainstream in a clear and very obvious sense of bias and oppressive racism against Caucasian peoples all across this Earth.

Such is the case of 13-year-old Aiden Winter of Columbus, Ohio who was just released from the hospital after being brutally assaulted within an inch of his life.

Aiden says he was extremely excited to be taking money he had earned through chores and cutting lawns in his neighborhood to go and buy a pair of Air Jordan Sons of Mars shoes.

He spent three entire months this past summer day in and day out properly earning the cash to acquire the shoes in which he wanted so he cool feel cool and proud, coming from a blue collar working class family.

Last Sunday young Aiden and a friend were walking to the store with his sister in West Columbus enjoying their day.

He said he saw who he at first thought was an old friend of his, calling him to come closer.

“When I walked over there, he was like, ‘Hey I like your shoes’,” Aiden said. “He asked if they were real and I said yes.”

That’s when Aiden said the boy and nine others started to attack him.

“They started kicking me and punching me,” he said. “All I heard was my sister say, ‘Don’t take it, don’t take the shoes’.”

Aiden’s mother, Erika Winter, said the attackers “punched and kicked him until he was unconscious, and then they kept punching and kicking him until someone called the police.”

“They stopped, took my shoes off, checked my pockets and ran,” Aiden said.

“It’s infuriating,” Erika Winter said. “They could’ve killed him.”

Aiden however wasn't okay, he was beaten so badly that he was clinging to life.

Emergency responders arrived and immediately flew Aiden to Nationwide Children’s Hospital, where he underwent a medically induced coma to attempt to reduce the swelling on his brain.

Fortunately according to his mother, Aiden is a fighter and overcame.

When he woke up in the hospital Columbus Police were waiting to take a statement where they claim they will be investigating the case but as we know Anti-White racism goes largely unsolved due to the types of thugs committing these crimes not often telling on each other and using street names.

These monstrous savages are simply incompatible with European and Western Culture.

Their parents fail to raise them right, feeding off welfare and draining the system and neglecting proper parenting techniques that are raising criminals.

The police are overwhelmed dealing with the nonstop violence and gang activities, the drug dealings, the murders; and it makes cases like Aiden go to the back of the burner.

Aiden says he's still in a lot of pain, but he thinks he will be okay.

His mother however is still furious and wants these vile beasts to be caged where they belong.

“It’s reprehensible to beat a child into unconsciousness, and then beat him over tennis shoes,” she said. “I think the important thing is making sure these kids don’t do this to anybody else.”

So what can the White child do who's living his life properly and is a target of Anti-White violence?

For starters he or she can get redpilled. Learn to shoot a firearm and train. Get their bodies into shape. Hit the gym. Work out. Eat right. Train for defense.

It's clear now that no politician is going to save you, no judge, and no jury.

It's time that people who are being targeted simply for being White begin the process of creating a means to enable themselves to be safer.

Albeit nothing could have helped Aiden, being thirteen and assaulted by nine violent savages; but it's certainly a wake-up call.

Stop promoting their culture of abuse or wanting to fit in with them, as you can see they chose to horrendously attack this child over shoes that they desire. Over shoes. Literally.

Be proud of yourself and your people, and that goes for all law abiding people, and help end this cycle of Anti-White hatred.


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Anonymous No. 10361 1509014989

Given the number of crimes and murderers related to these Deadly shoes. They should be serial numbered and have a RFID chip embedded in the soles. Users should be required to register as owners and Felons Prohibited from possession. we should add a special purchase TAX to cover those injured or murdered.

Well it makes as much sense as the stupid Assault Weapon laws we have on the books, all based on how something looks. - Noc Noc

Bryan No. 10376 1509028982

Love your article I thought it was hilarious. White America is dead, only way to go back is for anglo saxons to gather up like Nazis and commit genocide to anybody that doesn't look like them. 😂😂😂😂😂. I bet his little white boy self won't try to act black and wear some Jordans. Go back to Europe if you're scared.

Juando No. 10394 1509040034

Seriously feel sorry for the person above.

Juan No. 10401 1509057327

Lmao they took his jordans, bet the little punk wont act tough anymore, act right or get dropped. I bet his parents are terrible people, probably got what was coming to them, karma is funny like that 😂

Anonymous No. 10402 1509057625

Racist trash

Anonymous No. 10413 1509076756

The source media link didn't mention the race of the attackers. Did you get that from another source?

Anonymous No. 10461 1509140705

"9 Blacks beat up White Teen Over Shoes"

Sounds like the shoe is now on the other foot, eh? Well then, Mr. Red Pill, you now see and feel what it was like for Black People in the 40s and 50s when they'd get beaten and killed just for being Black.

Anonymous No. 10486 1509182665

My suggestion:

Live in the here and now, and not live your Grand Parents.

YES! I have lived, seen and exp. the 60's. What we have NOW in 2017, is not even remotely 1% of what the 40-60's were.

Maybe it is time to step back and checkoff all the accomplishments and all the things that NO LONGER exist in 2017 that did in 1940's, 50's or 60's?

Maybe it is time to start putting the Past Racist Issues and Excuses behind you and get on with your life?

May be it is time to recognize too much of this is race Baiting and is just an Political Agenda Item.

An Race Card agenda too often now just used to further Political Careers and/or make millions, pimping a Race Card, All to line certain peoples pockets and keep too many from obtaining their full potentials in life..

Anonymous No. 10551 1509263284

As one can see in a thousand similar video recordings of black on white crimes, and in the comment section here, negroids do not generally possess the White altruism they so often take advantage of. Their claims of oppression and racism are a deceptive bargaining position from which to demand special treatment and freedom to commit crimes like this without comeuppance.

Hopefully the authorities will take firm action in this case. If they do not, the odds of violent vigilante retaliation increase. Better that the cops act, but ultimately, action will be taken. These pavement apes were conquered easily once and can be again, and last time it was by people who still believed in Christian charity and mercy. There will be little mercy in a modern day re-conquest.

Mike Foxtrot No. 10831 1509498633

If he would have only sent the nig’s back!

Sum Bich No. 10832 1509498776

Blame Abe Lincoln….

for not shipping the negro back to Africa

Trudy Rubin No. 11082 1509761308

I don't possibly see how Juan and Bryan could possibly think this kid was "acting black" - try to keep up - the article plainly stated that "he worked all summer" to pay for HIS shoes. The operative words here are "work" and "pay". That in no way resembles spear chucker behavior. You little faggots can go to hell. I wonder who's going to pay white people for their enslavement by the African and Arab Muslims that went on for hundreds of years?

Doesn't matter, people like you are far too stupid to read 📖 anything of value, you definitely don't know anything about world history and certainly couldn't grasp genetics or biology. Typical of someone of Hispanic heritage. Same as Black's. Lacking in intellect.

Side tracked again. People like them piss me off. This kid is my neighbor and he's a great kid. He didn't deserve this shit. A bunch of bikers came and hung out with him this past weekend and it made his day. As for some of the other comments, I absolutely think that we should round them up. ALL OF THEM.

c0nan No. 10368 1534423127
I've been in that boys shoes - and that is exactly how groids operate: act like your friend, and when you get close beat you down - BUT they will NEVER do that unless you are outnumbered 4 to 1, at least because they are cowards. Those groids are probably still laughing and congratulating each other. Why? Because the groid has NO CONECPT of honor. NO CONCEPT of integrity. It's outside of their realm of comprehension. If I was that boys father, and I am a father today, I would hunt those groids down and make then pay, old school style. When the groid fears the white man, more than he does now, then balance will be restored. Our real enemy is not the groid, who can't help being when he is, but the whites writing the laws to A) inject groids into your town, B) protect groids crimes, and hide them and C) passing laws to take your guns. Wake up cowards and fight back. You're going to die anyway (and this life is NOT THE END) so please die with some honor.
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