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After a short run living out of a Kia van with two charges and two failure to appear warrants, Terry Davis, the founder of the TempleOS is now in custody. Davis is currently being held in Nye County Detention center, Southern Area Sub Station (Pahrump Jail). Terry Davis is a literal mad genius. A genius programmer who not only designed his own OS, a compiler to run it (and in ring 0/kernel code, to boot!).

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In addition to being a driven computer genius, he lives with schizophrenia. Terry has spent years communicating with God via his TempleOS operating system. Ta lithe TempleOS is meant to be a literal covenant with the God of the Bible. Despite certain inherent quirks that prevent it from becoming the next replacement for Linux, OS X or Windows, it has inspired some serious interest due to its technical merits.

<blockquote class="twitter-tweet" data-lang="en"><p lang="en" dir="ltr"><a href="">@TempleOS</a> I wrote a paper on you and gave a presentation on Ring 0, you, and your OS. Brilliant work! Would like to talk about it</p>&mdash; Mason Dyess (@MasonTechPosts) <a href="">April 22, 2016</a></blockquote>

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In addition to his amazing technical prowess and religious quirks, Terry is known for his live streams which frequently involve him explaining his troubles with "glow-in-the-dark CIA niggers" (Davis claims to have been recruited previously for the CIA. <a href="">Kiwifarms had designated Davis a "lolcow"</a> and were keeping up with the attempts to impersonate a Twitter science celebrity which may have had a part in the latest turn of events. A domestic battery charge and gross lewdness resulted in court dates that Terry had missed and seemed to be blowing off.

<blockquote class="twitter-tweet" data-lang="en"><p lang="en" dir="ltr">What does /christian/ think about Terry Davis and his TempleOS?<a href=";ref_src=twsrc%5Etfw">#8chan</a> <a href=";ref_src=twsrc%5Etfw">#christian</a><a href=""></a></p>&mdash; 8chan /christian/ (@8chchristian) <a href="">October 19, 2017</a></blockquote>

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<a href="">Most recently, Terry had quite possibly broken his collarbone.</a> He was last seen smoking cigarettes, drinking Diet Shasta and live streaming from the Kia van. Terry has a devoted cult following who seem to be fairly protective of him. In addition, many an anon from 8chan has designated Terry /ourguy/.

Thanks to 8chan's owner, Jim Watkins, we have fully funded Terry's bail. Payment through the fundraising service should clear tomorrow and we'll arrange his release.

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Anonymous No. 11399 1510177047

Thanks Jim. You da man!

CIAisGay No. 11405 1510185349

Fuck the CIA

Anonymous No. 11423 1510213416


Anonymous No. 11453 1510250525

Yeah that's right, show those glow-in-the-darks who's boss.

Anonymous No. 11482 1510279776

CIAniggers lose again.

anon No. 11484 1510285541

Terry is out. Updated his website/vblog.

Thanks 8chin

Anonymous No. 11493 1510294081

Making a simple OS does not make a person a genius. Anyone who is half decent at programming could accomplish that, but most programmers are intelligent enough to know it's a massive waste of time. Making a compiler for a low level programming language is also not very hard. It's just one step away from making an assembler, which is essentially just converting plaintext opcodes into their binary equivalent. These are pretty simple tasks, but again, most programmers don't bother because they know it is a massive waste of time. Additionally, Terry unironically believes in God, which means he accepts things as being true without verifiable evidence. That is a hallmark trait of stupidity.

Anonymous No. 11494 1510296290


How many compilers have you made faggot?

Anonymous No. 11520 1510321614

Yes goys, you don't need anything beyond Micro$hit or fagnux. Why would you want an OS without CIA backdoors that's built to empower the user as much as possible?

Anonymous No. 11547 1510332408

…it was said by Annonymous 11493 …

…that to believe in GOD somehow - you need verifiable science …

…hahahaha - my goodness - just look around you everywhere Annonymous 11493 !!

you will see (or mostly not see most things) that are unexplainable…but are there…

….to believe that there HAD TO BE SOMETHING THAT CREATED THIS UNIMAGINABLE BEAUTY AND INTERCONNECTEDNESS AND WORLD AND UNIVERSE - which is so beautiful and intricate and immense and yet fine and exquisite and unfathomable…

….does not mean that to believe in who created all of what I mentioned above (who we gave a name to - GOD) has to be scientifically proven …

it is in the belief of GOD and through GOD that we have the wherewithal to calculate and discover just a scrapping of what Tapestry came out of the vivid and colorful MOSAIC of GOD’S MIND …

…so no - you may be a scientist and still believe in GOD Annonymous 11493 …

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Larry Davis No. 11571 1510363844


Anonymous No. 11596 1510385613


I'm Anti-War.

Trump campaigned on Anti-War agenda.

Now, though, he's being influenced by Jews: Neo-cons and Zionists like Jared Kushner.

North Korea is one of the few nations in the world WITHOUT a Jewish/Rothschild-controlled central bank.

They also support Iran and Palestine against Israel.

Don't drag Japan into this.

I've been there, and the people aren't even political–Japan doesn't even have an army!

Let's hope that by the grace of God Trump can listen to Nationalists and not get into any more wars for Israel.

BRAD(25) WATSON(77) MIAMI GOD = 7_4 No. 11716 1510547033

By the power(77) vested in me by GOD as His/Her Christ(77=C3+H8+R18+I9+S19+T20), I hereby rule that 3.10.15 is your Judgment Day: you FAIL.

Sentence: Very bad luck for the rest of your life, then your eternal soul will not be reincarnated as human for 174 years just for your sins here (you have many more). When you are born-again as human, it will be under very hellish circumstances.

Note: You can repent, reverse your decision here, do many hours of verifiable community service, and petition this court for a retrial. GOD & the Christ are just & forgiving. However, 17.4 years of your reincarnation sentence is non-commutable and any contempt-of-court will result in an increased sentence.

I strongly recommend that you respect this Judgment.

- Brad(25) Watson(77), Miami

GOD's Judge of All(25) Humanity

Anonymous No. 11771 1510601817


I think the anti-war stuff was mostly Bannon. Bannon was the one who got Trump elected.

Anonymous No. 11801 1510635493


Where was GOD during that SHOOTING in his HOUSE? Don't you think that falls within his Baliwick? Saving people who worshipped him while they worshipped him? He didn't have time to send a flat tire down to save 26 people? 26 people could waste a sunday morning but he couldn't keep them from getting wasted while they did it?

Besides my response to the poster mentioned I just want to say this Davis Davis seems like a pretty cool guy. Makes compiler OS and doesn't afraid of the dark.

John No. 11861 1510691825

Nice article. Nice comment section. I really like this website. I might return to it.

Anonymous No. 11878 1510708451

Wow that’s really cool. Glad it had a happy ending for him and hope he continues work on the OS

Anonymous No. 11891 1510720991


This troll bait is most unimpressive.

Anonymous No. 12553 1511493751

Thanks for making the new OS, time to fire it up in defense of us creators!

pedofile No. 12970 1511976544

i will pin u down and rape u faggot

@John #11861

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