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For the first very first time, researchers have proof of the so-called ‘gay gene’ after having looked at the complete genome (a person’s full DNA code) for about 1,000 gay men and compared those genomes to 1,000 heterosexual males.

Its conclusion is that homosexuality isn't a lifestyle choice, but is ingrained in a person's biology.

Though the Research from North Shore University in Illinois knows that its conclusion is considered highly controversial, it claims to have found the genetic marker that can actually reveal whether or not a man is gay.

Independent scientific groups say the study results are not conclusive, and the study's authors admit the link is 'speculative'. They say, however, that the research could help them get closer to finding so-called 'gay genes'.

Commenters on the internet were not too happy about the results though.

<blockquote class="twitter-tweet" data-lang="en"><p lang="en" dir="ltr">Genes linked to homosexuality discovered by scientists <a href=""></a> via <a href="">@TelegraphSci</a><br>What a bunch of BS. Scientists have already proven the &#39;gay gene&#39; does not exist. The theory of a &#39;gay gene&#39; was disproven years ago.</p>&mdash; Edward Jackson (@kc135topboom) <a href="">December 8, 2017</a></blockquote>

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The discovery stated that the DNA was different for gay and straight men around the genes SLITRK5 and SLITRK6.

SLITRK6 is an important gene for brain development and is particularly active in a region of the brain which includes the hypothalamus.

The hypothalamus is crucial for producing the hormones which control a person’s sex drive, and if previous studies are taken into consideration, that those hormones are up to 34 percent larger in gay men.

Mr Alan Sanders, a psychiatrist who led the study, said: “Because sexuality is an essential part of human life, for individuals and society, it is important to understand the development and expression of human sexual orientation.”

“The goal of this study was to search for genetic underpinnings of male sexual orientation, and thus ultimately increase our knowledge of biological mechanisms underlying sexual orientation.“

“What we have accomplished is a first step for GWAS on the trait, and we hope that subsequent larger studies will further illuminate its genetic contributions.”


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Anonymous No. 13577 1512747479

Good lets test everybody and figure out who the gays are, then tattoo the word "FAGGOT" on their foreheads.

Anonymous No. 13580 1512750066


Anonymous No. 13581 1512750191

Would you write it in capitals though?

Marty No. 13603 1512760158

Or fix it? Then we can all live normal lives without catching hell because we prefer to use a restroom without crossdressing freaks

Anonymous No. 13609 1512783550

Hormones only really affect the way you act and some traits about you. But I know dozens of straight men who have obvious feminine feats but shun the idea that they are gay.

Anonymous No. 13610 1512787255

This is bullshit, faggots are just gay. There would never be a gene for this because it's maladaptive, the entire biological purpose of sexuality and sexual pleasure is to incentivize an act that result in procreation.

Anonymous No. 13615 1512790604

I don't know why anyone cares if faggots are born that way: so are retards, but that doesn't mean retards shouldn't be sterilized or killed. My view of faggots remains unchanged.

Anonymous No. 13621 1512797384

In old times having an odd faggot around not interested in breeding would be good for the group in general. He might spend more time helping the lesser gender doing shit women cant do but need to be done. The real men wouldnt need to worry about him fucking the women and making more bunk babies.

Anonymous No. 13636 1512810361

So does this mean that the 2 to 3% homosexual population can be classified as a genetic mutation or as human genetic line doom to go the way of the Neanderthal if they quit donating to Sperm Banks?

Anonymous No. 13750 1512949894

Fags : “see, it’s not a choice!”

Rest of us: “so you’re just a defective product, then”.

Anonymous No. 13752 1512959404

Crispr cas9 version of this when?

Anonymous No. 13873 1513098664

It’s the Jordache genes isn’t it, heyyyyyy

Not Your Business No. 14084 1513416288

Perhaps this was an evolutionary trait for when we reached large populations so that they won't breed.

Rev Nancy Korb No. 14109 1513457074

I think that no one should ever think that they are defective. People are born without hands and feet and ears and all manner of things and we, as human beings are left to help them. Homosexual people that I have met are bright, and funny, and very talented people. But sometimes their sexuality is out of whack. They cannot remain faithful to just one person, because the hormones are always working overtime. However, if this is true, it may be the beginnings of helping people who are driven to molest children, and sexual deviants who murder, perhaps before anything happens. And perhaps you might find that you weren't defective, but with a few less hormones, you are obviously anything more or less than anyone else. But very talented, and very wonderful people. I think most people just want to know if there is something wrong, or if their child is okay. I hope that makes sense to you.

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