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FCC's Front-Man Ajit Pai Mocks Americans In Government Propaganda Video

With Net Neutrality being a hot topic of late with the vote taking place this Thursday, the FCC has attempted to take the public spotlight and swing the public's view on Net Neutrality into their favor by stuffing their new front-man, FCC chairman Ajit Pai, into every social and news media crevice that they can.

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With appearances on CNN, and pretty much every major news network and social media website, Ajit Pai is trying to persuade Americans to vote against Net Neutrality and so far he isn't doing a very good job. In his latest video, Pai openly mocks Americans in a short film that presents an extremely oversimplified view of a future without Net Neutrality.

The FCC chairman can be seen in the video making fun of the abysmal reality that many American's are faced with, living paycheck to paycheck and only being able to afford cheap and fast foods on the go. Most of America's working class spend the majority of their waking hours working and when they aren't they are busy resting up to do it all over again.

Pai chomps on chips, red-hot Cheetos and Sriracha sauce implying that this is all American's want to eat when in reality it is poverty that forces many to eat these foods. With hardly enough time to juggle work and home responsibilities, many American's are faced with buying food on the way to work or between classes and the luxury to prepare every meal is all but non-existent among the working class.

Not only is the time a factor in American's food choices, but the reality is most healthy food ingredients take valuable time to prepare and cost significantly more than cheap snacks and 'junk food'. When faced with limited time and a very restricted budget, many are forced to buy these 'poor man's staples' that Pai so casually mocks.

Aside from the degrading picture the video paints when it comes to diet, Pai also goes on to imply the only thing American's want the internet for is to buy fidget spinners, nerf guns and bingeing their favorite shows. Pai even succeeds in mocking fandom and specifically takes a poke at Star Wars fans.

Pai doesn't just wage a mini-culture war against the internet in the video, he completely overlooks the massive benefit and progress the internet has afforded humanity. The internet has been the underlying vein that is pumping life into our technological progress and it represents a bright future of entrepreneurship and independence for many, many Americans.

Many low-income Americans have found higher paying incomes through businesses they started themselves online and anyone from YouTube stars to college students benefits every day from its unrestricted existence.

Overall, the video manages to show exactly how seriously the FCC takes the internet and manages to offend a portion of every demographic with its pious implications. Ajit Pai was placed on the FCC board by Obama in 2012 and seems more like a strategically placed asset for wireless companies under the pretense of 'PC' and diversity since we have yet to hear him say anything meaningful that actually benefits Americans.

Before working for the government, Pai was a lawyer for Verizon Communications. I wonder where his loyalties lie when it comes to defending the internet? After seeing his latest propaganda video it clearly doesn't lie on the side of the average American.

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Anonymous No. 13981 2017-12-14 : 10:20

While pai was put into the commission by Obama. It was Trump who decided he should stay in that position for another five years

Anonymous No. 14064 2017-12-15 : 20:55

I declare this thread to be…


Anonymous No. 14072 2017-12-16 : 02:54

Kyle's been drinking the NN kool aid.

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