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A recent video bringing attention to an anomaly in Antarctica has people scratching their heads. A massive object appears to be hidden beneath the ice of Antarctica. The object is buried beneath the frozen ground in an area called Wilkes Land. Wilkes Land encompasses an area 151 miles wide and 2,700 feet deep in its shallowest spot. Some theories include what could be the remains of a giant asteroid, perhaps the one that wiped out the dinosaurs lending credit to the theory. During the Permian-Triassic extinction event nearly all of the life on earth was killed, including sea life. Those with a broader imagination are speculating that some type of extraterrestrial object is hidden beneath the ice some even going so far as to call it a 'UFO'. Such theories are no doubt the result of massive amounts of speculation and are considered unlikely.

For years, the ice continent of Antarctica has been shrouded in speculation. Other theories about what may be lurking beneath the ice include secret Nazi bases from World War II. Because of the millions of tons of ice, it is very difficult to get access to anything that may be hidden there. One source suggested the US Navy even led an investigative mission into the barren ice lands to seek out any discoveries that may be kept there. The expedition was aptly named Operation High Jump, some speculate there were hidden motives for the search. Some even claim that there could have been a hidden entrance to underground bases or even a secret underground world. Although these things are fun to think about, the scientist who initially made the discovery of the anomaly thinks it is likely evidence of a giant impact crater. The asteroid large enough to make such a crater would no doubt cause an extinction level event.

The gravity anomaly was first sighted by NASA satellites in 2006 when scientists discovered a massive object sitting inside what appeared to be an impact crater. The crater appears to be 300 miles wide and gives off anomalous gravity signatures. Since the object is unreachable with current technology, scientists and curiosity seekers will have to continue speculating for the time being.


http://nypost.com/2016/12/29/massive-anomaly-lurks-beneath-ice-in-antarctica/ https://youtu.be/5LxdVW6AuPg

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Toren Son No. 2357 1492527342

This was very interesting news, and true from all perspectives.

It must be either a UFO or a North Korean submarine.

Marty No. 2593 1493419665

All the bodies of people trump had killed are stashed in Trump Antarctica. Best 5 star hotel for dead people anywhere.

redfoot No. 2738 1493970860

The UN logo - thats the correct map and notice it has no "Antarctica" - because what we call a "continent" is really a 200-foot-high ice wall surrounding the perimeter of a very flat earth. Space is fake, satellites do not exist. If you believe anything NASA tells you I have a bridge on Mars to sell you cheap, I'm having a blowout sale. Oh, also: there is no Mars.

Anonymous No. 2862 1494590247

I'm sorry redfoot, but you are wrong on so many levels. Stop being a massive mong and go buy yourself a decent telescope, you can watch satellites like the ISS pass by over head, it orbits once every 90 minutes.

Anonymous No. 3058 1495329928

Hey Redfoot, I've got a flatcap for sale, it'll be perfect for your head

Anonymous No. 3185 1495854840

finally, an answer to this puzzle. it's the other end of trumps sinkhole.. it just took a while to burrow through the earth. if you listen carefully and wear a hazmat suit you can hear fragments of trump practicing his speeches.. the sheer toxicity of his diuretic subliterate ramblings have created a new lifeform thats trying to return to its origins!!!

Noob No. 3385 1496520386

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Anonymous No. 3430 1496707294

So if you DON'T think the earth is flat, you're a Brainwashed Nazi Pedophile?Bwahahaha, hahaha haha,… Oh thankyou, I needed that

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Anonymous No. 3765 1497576611

The author's source for the article is a YouTube video from a UFO YouTube channel, and a NYPost article that also references it? Things like this are hurting the credibility of this site.

Anonymous No. 3898 1497763736

The New York Post is an esteemed newspaper. They have won awards for journalistic integrity. Why would you talk bad about them?

Anonymous No. 4108 1498166810

If you look The NY Post is referencing a Sun article and is labeled under aliens , antarctica , asteroids , conspiracy theories , dinosaurs , history , ufos, they've only got it as a joke article.

By the way Dead Mutt, the UN was created back in '45 and the map was used as a top down view so that no one nation would get more prominence, the issue with antartica is that it would have to been smeared to ridiculous lengths all around the edges. There was another map made showing that as the centre but no one wanted the logo being 'bottom in the centre'(think about it). Also, frankly Antartica wasn't really rated much so very few were made, I'm not even sure any still exist after 70 odd years

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