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Sydney National Union Of Students Plans Massive Protest Against Milo

Poor Milo, seems there's nowhere in the world the "dangerous faggot" can go without inspiring riots. As usual, the folks protesting him seem unaware of any sense of differentiation or understanding. As evidenced by the details tab on Facebook for the Protest Milo in Sydney! event scheduled for December 2nd, 2018:

"Notorious far right agitator Milo Yiannopoulos will be back in Sydney in November, this time bringing a coterie of white supremacists and known neo-Nazis with him.

From English Defence League fascist Tommy Robinson to Ann Coulter to homegrown racist Fraser "Final Solution on Immigration" Anning, the lineup for Milo's tour is a who's who of far right celebrities. Last time he was in Australia, Yiannopoulos had kid glove treatment from the media and was welcomed to give a speech in Parliament House attended by Hanson and other right-wing senators.

Don't them go unopposed - join the protest! Please share far and wide. More details TBC.

Ah, where to even begin with all this… first off, Milo is a Jewish, homosexual and immigrant who's married to a black guy to boot. I'm pretty sure that legitimate neo-Nazis aren't cool with most of those things when they show up once, ticking off all those boxes makes Yiannopoulos uniquely disqualified to be a white supremacist. Unless, that is, the Nazis have become more tolerant about gays, Jews and immigrants in which case, well, I suppose we should applaud the Nazis for their surprising turn towards tolerance and acceptance.

The event is organized by NUS Against Racism which is associated with the National Union of Students Ethnocultural Department. "Fighting racism is union business!" Apparently, NUS is the sort of windmill tilters who see the specter of fascism in every corner and the boogeyman of bigotry behind every popular conservative figure."

Joining Milo (his neo-Nazi "coterie," if NUS is to be believed) are such evil nat-sees as Ann Coulter and the English Defence League's Tommy Robinson. Uh oh, someone needs to tell fervent Zionist and obvious Jew Ezra Levant that one of his employees is a Jew-hating white supremacist. While we're at it I guess we need to tell Tommy "hey, that obviously Jewish guy you work for actually <i>is</i> Jewish."

Is it just me or is sitting on the beach in Tel Aviv explaining how much you support Israel just sort of an uncharacteristic action for a legitimate neo-Nazi?

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Then again, maybe it's just one of those "lion lays down with the lamb" moments spoken of in the Bible. I mean, very likely not, but I like to offer the benefit of the doubt whether deserved or not.

The Facebook event was announced as of October 1 so chances are there will be plenty of behind the scenes planning on how best to disrupt and, if possible, ruin the planned rally and speech by Milo and Co.

<a href="">NUS' Ethnocultural Department</a> is working especially hard to crusade for the anti-racist movement within Australia in regards to refugees ("boat people" as they're often called Down Under), Muslims the Indigenous/Aboriginals, African migrants, Asians and other groups.

Now, don't get me wrong. I'm not "pro-racism" per se, but I do take offense at "anti-racism" folks demeaning the word and painting anyone who so much as advocates for their own culture, people or nation as a bigot. It's the same kind of issue we see in the hyper-sensitive #MeToo era when someone tries to equate staring too long at a girl across the room in a bar with sexual assault or rape or "misgendering" someone with literal violence. What it does it demeans the significance and the gravity of the initial crime which also sensitizes many to any real issues related. In other words, by moving the line in the sand to make more people "victims" it's the real victims who are hurt again.

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