By: Savannah Smith | 10-22-2017 | News
Photo credit: Fox 13

Horrible Woman Robs a Man’s Credit Card While He’s Having Seizure

A woman was caught on video doing the horrible act of stealing from a man while he was having a seizure at a convenience store.

The woman was captured going through the man’s wallet and taking his credit card in an incident in a 7-11 store. The woman from Utah, whether out of remorse or embarrassment, decided to turn herself into the police.

Alexandra Dewsnup, 28, was arrested on charges of unlawful possession of a credit card and felony theft. She’s in custody at the Salt Lake County.

The convenience store’s surveillance video taken from October 4 showed Dewsnup standing near the cash register of the store going through the man’s wallet while the victim was on the floor having a seizure.

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Dewsnup was still going through the man’s wallet as the clip from the surveillance video continued, later on taking out one of the man’s credit cards and putting it under her arm. The suspect then placed back the wallet in the man’s pocket, didn’t bother to help him, and simply walked away.

Police said the credit card was used to buy something online.

The authorities also said that some of the relatives of Dewsnup themselves sent tips about the suspect to the police. Dewsnup confessed to the police that she took Xanax at the time of the robbery when she turned herself in.

The victim identified as Dustin Malone told the local media that he suffers from epilepsy, which triggers the seizures. He said, though, that he does not typically suffer seizures in public. He said that when seizures happen, “I go completely stiff, my eyes go back, I lose consciousness, and I collapse.”

Malone called the police when he regained his consciousness and realized that he’s been robbed. Malone is also a certified nursing assistant and he shared: “Nothing irritates me more, as a health care provider than people who victimize other people.”

It is not clear if the store attended or assisted Malone during and after the incident.


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Anonymous No. 10106 2017-10-22 : 09:26

This is the generation that may signal the downfall of America. Pampered, cuddled, given things not earned, and expects others to give them everything they want kiddie whining adults. An to think the Social-Democrats and their Federalized Educational system only took 2 generations to accomplish it.

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