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UPDATE: Three Year Old Girl Left Alone In Coyote-Infested Alley as Punishment Found Dead

Two weeks ago, The Goldwater reported on a missing baby girl who was left outside all alone by her father at 3 a.m. as punishment for not drinking her milk. Less than a mile from the alley where she was left, a little girl's body was found with the help of search dogs around 11 a.m. on Sunday near East Spring Valley and South Bowser road.

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Sadly, police in Richardson, Texas searching for the missing girl believe the body to be 3-year-old Sherin Mathews. It has been two weeks since her father first reported her missing and she has not been seen since. Wesley Mathews is the girl's father and was charged with child endangerment after describing to police how he left her outside in a coyote-infested alley as punishment for not drinking her milk. Apparently he thought scaring the girl by leaving her alone in the dark outside would be a good way to punish her. Now it seems the story has ended in tragedy.

Richardson Police are working on a positive identification but have said they believe the body to be that of young Sherin Mathews. The police are awaiting word from the FBI Evidence Recovery Team to help determine a cause of death. Mathews' father is currently out of jail but is monitored via an ankle bracelet. It is unclear at this time whether the father will face additional charges but police will likely have the answers once they and the FBI conclude their investigation.

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