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Pennsylvania Democrat Arrested for Child Pornography Charges Including Infants and Bestiality

Once again we're seeing the mask of innocence being stripped off of the sickening pedophile supporting left wing politicians and elites, and this time it’s Pennsylvania Democrat Philip Ahr.

Philip Ahr served on the Radnor Township Board of Commissioners as their President where he has recently resigned as of October 23rd as the President of the Board for what he claimed were simply <i>”Personal Reasons”</i>.

What's even more shocking however is that the Pennsylvania Democrat will remain on the board as a Commissioner, even after being arrested and charged with multiple Felonies surrounding Child Pornography and allegations he's a child sexual predator.

Police say that the Democrat from Pennsylvania no doubt sent as well as received hundreds upon hundreds of graphic sexually perverse images and videos that were disgusting displays of child pornography.

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The Delaware County District Attorney released the above press release which has announced that they first arrested Philip Ahr and he's being charged with 10 counts of distribution of child pornography, 50 counts of possession of child pornography and 60 counts of criminal use of a communication facility, earlier this month.

Philip Ahr much like any Democratic Elite however has since bonded out; which is insane that he even has such an ability to be free with all of these heinous crimes against children.

Radnor Township is about 18 miles from Philadelphia, or a thirty minute drive. It's one of the most major Democratic regions in the United States on the East Coast, and the politics have always been that of a troubled region which has resulted in the death and destruction of manufacturing in America as well as being heavily filled with welfare recipients.

The disastrous policies of the left wing in America has devastated that region among many others, and now only are Democrats losing power but they're being exposed for their gross miscarriages of injustice against innocent people and children.

<blockquote class="twitter-tweet" data-lang="en"><p lang="en" dir="ltr">Radnor commissioner Phil Ahr charged w child porn. DA says some images involved infants and animals. More @ noon <a href=""></a></p>&mdash; Chad Pradelli (@chadpradelli) <a href="">October 11, 2017</a></blockquote>

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To make matters much worse than they already are, <i>because Child Porn is already absolutely disgusting<i>, it's now being reported that Democrat Philip Ahr had hundred images of children as young as infants being abused by both adults and even animals.

Yes, this Pennsylvania Democrat had images of children being sexually assaulted by animals in a degenerate and heretical form of child pornography including bestiality.

According to the Delaware County District Attorney’s office they first received tips about Democrat Philip Ahr from the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children which lead to their Criminal Investigation Division and the Pennsylvania Internet Crime Against Children (ICAC) task force launching a widespread investigation into the claims.

The District Attorney’s Office said that the case began, “in regards to an individual, later identified as Philip Ahr, who uploaded and shared images of suspected child pornography through a Yahoo Messenger account.”

Official court documents show that a massive amount, well over 500, images and videos of the young children were found after a search warrant was served at Ahr’s home on Meredith Avenue in Radnor on September 21st.

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The documents are graphic saying that victims, “namely minor children being sexually abused by adult males and females through oral, vaginal and anal sex, digital penetration, and children posed in sexually explicit positions,” were found on Ahr’s hard drives inside of the residence.

“Ahr’s collection was mainly comprised of prepubescent girls under the age of 10 years, but also included infants and toddlers. A portion of the images and videos depicted sado masochistic sexual abuse and children being sexually abused by animals,” the district attorney’s office said.

“Those who possess and share child pornography directly contribute to the appalling exploitation of innocent children and our detectives with the ICAC Task Force are actively working to arrest and locate these perpetrators,” District Attorney Jack Whelan said in a statement.

Whelan claims that when the task force raided his home that Ahr was in absolute “shock”, and that he tried stating that the images were from online chat rooms where he was “sexting” other people, saying that the “that the purpose of the chats was sexual in nature” and that the context of the chats were to discuss “sexual talk about children” on Yahoo Messenger.

Police gathered up several devices including a laptop and computers in Ahr’s basement as well as any external hard drives or SD cards inside of the Democrat’s home.

A forensic examination of the hard drives was conducted by Detective Chris Tankelewicz, which recovered video and numerous graphic images depicting children engaged in sex acts, including one image that depicted a female child approximately 3-5 years old performing oral sex on an adult male.

Detectives also located numerous chat logs between Ahr and individuals, dating back to 2013, in which Ahr shared and sought graphic images and videos of children in sexual positions, bondage and engaged in sex acts with adults.

Additionally, more than 1,000 web links to pornographic images, some including child pornography,were located as a result of the forensic examination.

Both the laptop and desktop computers had Excel Spreadsheets located on them which were altered so that upon initial examination they appeared to contain innocuous data.

Once the attempts to hide the data were reversed it was discovered that they contained well over a thousand web site addresses. Hundreds of the web addresses were still active andcontained child pornography.

Significantly, in addition to the web address, each spreadsheet contained a column with a code that signified the content of the web address.

“Those who possess and share child pornography directly contribute to the appalling exploitation of innocent children and our detectives with the ICAC Task Force are actively working to locate and arrest these perpetrators," said District Attorney Jack Whelan.

The DA went on, “As an elected individual and Chairman of Radnor Board of Commissioners, Mr. Ahr took an oath to serve and protect the residents, and for that reason we hold him to a higher standard of conduct. I would like to commend Sgt. Kenneth Bellis, Det.Edmond Pisani, Detective Chris Tankelewicz and the entire ICAC Task Force for their continued work to find and apprehend these perpetrators.”

This is just one of many cases of powerful Democrats who are being exposed for pedophilia and sexual perversions folks.

Ask yourselves why FOX (a supposed Republican channel) and why the other mainstream media outlets aren't reporting this.

Stop giving clicks and attention to the lying mainstream media who covers up these crimes.


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Anonymous No. 10270 2017-10-24 : 20:09

The article is totally wrong in what it says about Radnor Township where this guy is on the Board of Commissioners. It is a very affluent area with essentially no welfare recipients. It never had any manufacturing in the township, so it is hardly an area from which manufacturing fled. None of this changes what this alleged pervert is said to have done. The article ought to correct its fact nevertheless.

Anonymous No. 10291 2017-10-25 : 08:17


Why is it since Trump has been in office that we are seeing a dramatic increase in these types of arrests and not the previous 8 years?

Is there something to this Pizza-Gate thing?

Nilo No. 10320 2017-10-25 : 15:24


Lord, there is none righteous

Men deserve your wrath

All of us

But thanks for your grace by Christ

Some men you have embraced unto salvation

Adolf Hitler No. 10595 2017-10-29 : 23:33

If you only had listened to me then, you would not be suffering this now.

PS: You know who to blame for the immoral filth being sent out by media.

Adolf Hitler No. 10596 2017-10-29 : 23:35

You should have listened to me. You know that they would not be doing this now had you done so.

Anonymous No. 10684 2017-10-30 : 17:15

Kill all pedophiles

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