By: Kyle James | 10-27-2017 | News
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Las Vegas Shooter's Brain Will Be Dissected By Neuropathologist For Clues Into The Killing

When Dr. Hannes Vogel, director of neuropathology at Stanford University Medical Center, usually gets brains sent to his lab it is usually through FedEx and they are usually intact. This time, he is receiving a special request from law enforcement, dissect and seek out any abnormalities that might lend insight into why Las Vegas Shooter Stephen Paddock went on his killing rampage.

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Dr. Vogel was told by a pathologist in the coroner’s office, "Don’t spare any expense" in his search for clues as to why Stephen Paddock opened fire on thousands of people killing 58. Dr. Vogel said in an interview, "The magnitude of this tragedy has so many people wondering how it could have evolved." While the chances of finding any answers in the remaining brain tissue remain slim since the killer blew his own brains out with a revolver, Dr. Vogel says "all these speculations out there will be put to rest, I think."

This is not the first time mass killers brains have been dissected, but experts say there are no comprehensive compilations of any findings. Dr. Vogel will search Paddock's brain tissue for any gross abnormalities like tumors or other malformations. He will also focus on interior structures by dissecting it further cutting vertically and then horizontally and examining paper-thin slices on a slide.

Dr. Vogel also said referring to mass killers like Paddock, "These people are notoriously prone to errors in judgment and unrestrained behavior. People will say in the same breath that this guy was so meticulous in planning and so forth, that that would seem unlikely."

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