By: Steve Dellar | 11-09-2017 | News
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Video - Future Saudi King Escorted Out Of Tropicana During Las Vegas Massacre

A rare video has appeared on the internet’s rarer sites this morning. We assume it will be taken offline soon, so we uploaded a copy to our The Goldwater server. You won’t find this on Youtube.

According to online conspiracy theorists and commenters in Saudi Arabia, the person in the video is none other than Crown Prince Mohammed Bin Salman being escorted out of the Tropicana hotel by heavily armed guards during the night of the 1 October massacre in Las Vegas, when shooter Stephen Paddock killed 59 people.

It is widely known that Prince Salman is a gambling fan. He will not be keen on this video becoming known of course given that he is in the midst of a royal purge in Saudi Arabia to centralize power and get rid of the old guard.

Crown prince Salman, with the full backing of his 81-year-old father, King Salman, is currently going after some of the richest men in Arabia for several reasons.

Firstly, he intends to send a signal that the old way of doing business is no longer acceptable, that Saudi Arabia needs to reform and modernize if it is to survive as a successful nation in the 21st Century. Prince Salman knows full well that the oil will run out at a certain point. He wants to be ready for when it does.

Secondly, he would love to get his hands on the offshore private assets, estimations are that some $800bn has been hidden from the Saudi taxman by those arrested.

Lastly, he is trying to get rid of any opposition to Iranian criticism. Anyone that is seen as soft on Iran is now arrested or moved out of the way. The striking tone that the missile fired from Yemen can be interpreted as an act of war of Iran towards Saudi Arabia is a first piece of evidence that Prince Salman is stepping up the game.

In President Trump, Prince Salman has found a backer, as the US President sent out several tweets during his Asia trip confirming his support for the Salman family in arresting other members of the former Saudi royals.


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marie snow No. 11460 2017-11-09 : 21:21

Saying that Stephen Paddock planned and carried out the LV massacre is pure bullshit. I was going to subscribe but not now

Anonymous No. 11475 2017-11-10 : 00:50

KIKE go home.

Wendy Reicher No. 11790 2017-11-14 : 01:38

What about the theory that the weapons used came from an israeli stockpile? Not saying they did it but everyone from Sheldon Adelson to Prince Salman has been blamed and its getting ridiculous. Should not be this hard to solve this case. I think the answers also are right in Vegas.

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