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A 74-Year-Old Man was Killed in the Third Violent Shooting Today in Nashville, Tennessee

Nashville, Tennessee is now seeing violent crime rates that prior to the years of the Obama Administration were unheard-of in the state.

In fact just today Metro police say that there have been a total of three violent shootings inside of the city including two of them which resulted in fatalities.

One of the victims was an elderly man was shot to death outside of his south Nashville home on Thursday afternoon, just signifying that these violent savages inside the city do not care who they kill.

Investigators say that 74-year-old Ruxin Wang went outside of his Claiborne Street home to get a trash can at around 4 PM when shots were fired, and he was unintentionally struck during the hail of bullets.

The witnesses to the crime told Metro police they saw several young black men take off running from the scene after the gunfire began.

Not a surprise, but they were last seen running into the J.C. Napier Housing Development where both welfare recipients and criminals brood and continue to threaten the civilized society around it.

Nashville Police Detectives say that they are pursuing strong leads in the case in hopes to find the animals responsible. The motive for this shooting remains under investigation.

A second shooting occurred in South Nashville, that appears to have been unintentional, police said.

In that case, a 20-year-old man was shot and killed by his friend who was handling a gun when the pair were together.

The friend told first responding officers that he didn't believe the gun was loaded when he pulled the trigger, but the gun fired and struck his friend in the head.

The young man died as his friend was driving him to the hospital, in an apparently avoidable situation, if ignorant teens had parental influence in their lives preventing this type of occurrence.

Later, in West Nashville, police said that a victim turned the tables on the person who was trying to rob them during a meetup for an online sale.

The buyer shot the seller, who reportedly brandished a gun during the attempted robbery.

The seller was apparently running to Kroger for help when they collapsed from the wounds.

That person, who at this time remains unidentified, was then taken to Vanderbilt University Medical Center where they are in critical condition.

Crime only continues in these areas where both drugs and gang activity have swarmed the region especially nearly low-income housing projects.

Democratic leaders, who would rather virtue signal about racism, fail to address these actual problems in their communities which result in so much horror.

Nashville Police are asking anyone with information about the fatal shooting should call Crime Stoppers at 615-742-7463.


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