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Trey Gowdy SMASHES Deep State / Clinton Puppet Special Counsel Robert Mueller

Trey Gowdy is an American Patriot, and 90% of the time he's viciously honest about the lack of respect towards America's integrity from those in government. Today, he completely annihilated Special Counsel Robert Mueller further underscoring the bias from Mueller and his longstanding history as a globalist puppet.

Robert Mueller, as a person, and as a reflection upon his entire career, is one of the dirtiest and most corrupt men to ever serve in any position in the government.

I've reported multiple times about the corruption surrounding<a href=""> Mueller and his dirty deeds </a>as a Globalist puppet, who undoubtedly serves the masters of Hillary Clinton and the Deep State.

Trey Gowdy, despite the threat to his seat for even speaking these truths, remains unafraid to call it how it is, and destroyed Robert Mueller today on Capitol Hill.

“The reason we have special counsel is because of a conflict of interest,” he said. “We don’t like conflicts of interest because it undermines people’s confidence in both the process and the result.”

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Watch his remarks, and then I'll further explain just why Robert Mueller is a threat to America's integrity and sovereignty.

After Attorney General Jeff Sessions recused himself from the Russian Investigation into President Trump's alleged ties due to criticisms from the Democratic Party’s most vocal mouthpieces and the radical Liberal Media, Robert S. Mueller III was appointed as special counsel to oversee the investigation.

Russia has loomed large over the first six months of the Trump presidency. U.S. intelligence agencies have concluded that Russia worked to tilt the presidential election in Trump's favor. Mueller, who was appointed the special counsel in May, is leading the probe, which also examines potential collusion by the Trump campaign with Russia.

Both Moscow and the Trump Administration repeatedly denies any alleged meddling and Trump denies any collusion by his campaign, while regularly denouncing the investigations as political witch hunts.

Many of the Conservative allies of President Trump on Capitol Hill have touted that such an unnecessary action is a provocation from the left to further discredit and attempt to smear the current administration.

Who benefits from these relentless attacks against the President though, and why? The answer is clear to anyone willing to pinpoint the logic of dragging the administration through the mid further. The Democratic Party (and their allies in the Liberal Media) can keep their base rallied against any future legislation from the President or the GOP by casting an uncertain doubt over his legitimacy.

Robert Mueller has impaneled a Federal Grand Jury in Washington which has created a major psychological shift in the foreseeable future for the fake news Russian collusion story which continues to dominate the Marxist owned media in America.

Congressional appointed Special Counsel Robert Mueller has impaneled the grand jury in to investigate the zero evidence claims of Russia’s interference in the 2016 elections, at a time when most are demanding THAT Robert Mueller be replaced for his clearly proven ties to Russia himself,<a href=""> as per Wikileaks cables</a>.

<blockquote class="twitter-tweet" data-lang="en"><p lang="en" dir="ltr">Special Prosecutor Robert Muelller flew to Moscow and gave the FSB 10 grams of Highly Enriched Uranium (HEU) in 2009 <a href=""></a> <a href=""></a></p>&mdash; WikiLeaks (@wikileaks) <a href="">July 29, 2017</a></blockquote>

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Simply because of his role in transferring Uranium into Russia, Robert Mueller should be disqualified from overseeing this investigation to begin with, according to federal law.

This not only proves a conflict of interest for Robert Mueller but brings into question not only his integrity but the lack of intelligence of those who recommended Mueller as Special Counsel.

<blockquote class="twitter-tweet" data-lang="en"><p lang="und" dir="ltr"> <a href=""></a></p>&mdash; TruthInGovernment (@TruthinGov2016) <a href="">July 30, 2017</a></blockquote>

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Special Counsel Robert Mueller has now two serious problems. He has a disqualifying conflict of interest regarding a large part of his work involving his friendship with James Comey, and now a conflict of interest regarding his relationship with Russia.

Robert Mueller has a long history however of presiding over controversial cover-ups and blatant violations of the Constitution. Not only did he serve under President Bush during the obvious intentional lies that led to the invasion of Iraq, but he's been accused of shutting down 9/11 truths as well.

So let's rewind to the beginning of September in 2001. A week before the devastating attacks of September 11th that would forever change the course of American History, Robert S. Mueller was sworn in as the FBI Director under President George W. Bush.

During the spring and summer of that same year prior to the attacks on 9/11, the intelligence community was given extreme warnings through intelligence gathering on the ground as well as foreign entities that Al Qaeda was gearing up for a major attack on US soil. In fact, so many foreign agencies from Russian to British to Israeli intelligence all allegedly told the American Intelligence Community that an attack was imminent. Then September 11th happened. The single most deadly attack on American soil against civilians in the history of the nation. The world was shocked as America's anger raged at the same time it was mourning and feeling sorrow.

Later there would be countless investigations as per what actually occurred and what failures were made by the intelligence community to act upon the warnings they had been granted. In fact, the 9/11 commission referred to the FBI as ‘incompetent’ stating that “the system had been blinking red.” Failures to read, share or act upon important intelligence, which an FBI agent witness termed “criminal negligence” in later trial testimony, were therefore not fixed in a timely manner.

To make matters worse, Robert Mueller shrugged off these failures of the intelligence community instead claiming the warnings were somehow “insignificant”. Yes, America had just suffered the deadliest attack against its own citizens in history and this FBI Director called the warnings “insignificant”.

During a February of 2003<a href=""> letter from FBI Special Agent Coleen Rowley to Director Mueller</a>, she wrote “At this critical point in our country's history I have decided to try once again, on an issue of even more consequence for the internal security posture of our country. That posture has been weakened by the diversion of attention from al-Qaeda to our government's plan to invade Iraq, a step that will, in all likelihood, bring an exponential increase in the terrorist threat to the U.S., both at home and abroad.”

Again internal dismay from FBI Agents that the intelligence they were offering the President on Iraq was indeed a gross miscalculation, and it would only further expand terrorism at home and abroad. Mueller chose to ignore the concerns of his own agency and pushed forward with the Bush/Cheney narrative that Iraq was the enemy which must be invaded.

Later Mueller would go on to encourage the Bush/Cheney ‘War On Terror’ and invasion of Iraq. These very actions have been decided to have been based on completely bogus intelligence and misrepresented facts. Another major failure of the intelligence community under Mueller.

This major failure, however, has cost thousands of American lives, trillions of American dollars, and forever destroyed the Persian Gulf into a hotbed of terrorist training grounds.

<blockquote class="twitter-tweet" data-lang="en"><p lang="en" dir="ltr">Will Special Prosecutor Robert Mueller fabricate the results of his investigation like he did with Iraq? <a href=""></a></p>&mdash; WikiLeaks (@wikileaks) <a href="">July 29, 2017</a></blockquote>

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In the aftermath of the 9/11 attack Mueller oversaw the round up if over one thousand immigrants into detention as well. All of these one thousand immigrants were later deemed to have simply been in the wrong place at the wrong time. None of them were in fact criminals. So the very attacks used against the President by the left regarding unfair treatment of immigrants are the very actions of the man the left is touting as a hero in Robert Mueller.

Even before his time as FBI Director Robert Mueller had controversy surrounding him. He was Acting U.S. Attorney in Boston during an<a href=""> ongoing cover-up of the FBI’s illegal deals with mobster Whitey Bulger </a>and other high profile informants who committed countless murders and crimes.

At the end of that period, it was finally uncovered by honest judges and actual investigative journalists that US taxpayers footed a $100 million court award to four men framed for murders committed by the FBI operated Bulger gang. Yes, Robert Mueller oversaw that mishap too.

So would it be fair to assume Robert Mueller is not a man worthy of overseeing a legitimate and unbiased investigation into the President of the United States of America and his administration? Absolutely. Would it be fair to suggest Robert Mueller has a history of corruption and cover-ups? Certainly. President Trump would be within his rights as a Patriotic and honest American President to terminate Robert Mueller from Special Counsel indefinitely.

What more reason do you need to see this? Robert Mueller cost taxpayers one hundred million dollars in a cover up and intentional wrongful conviction to protect the Mafia (that helped get him promoted to the FB) where Robert Mueller knew about 9/11 intelligence from foreign governments before it happened, Mueller lied about WMDs in Iraq causing a two decade long illegal war in Iraq devastating Europe with refugees as a consequence of that action, he helped give Russia America's uranium, and has forever been an asset of the Deep State, assisting both the Clintons, the Bush family, and Obama; and is considerably against President Trump.

The bias is real, and Robert Mueller is an enemy of the people.

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Phxrocker No. 13951 2017-12-14 : 01:33

Great article. Thx for helping us Kno the truth

Anonymous No. 13973 2017-12-14 : 09:16

Permission to share.

Just disappointed No. 14003 2017-12-14 : 18:13

Such unnecessary rhetoric in the article.. While under no obligation to do so, It would be better for the cou try as a whole if the parties and ideologies would stop demonizing each other. I don't see why we are afraid to learn all we can about the influence of foreign powers on our election and governance. If we really want to drain the swamp we need to drain as much as we can, and it shouldnt matter whether it comes from the right puddle or the left puddle. The special council removed the agent once they were sufficiently certain of the impropriety, just as our President removed Flynn as national security advisor once he was sufficiently certain there was cause to do so. I think both of those actions were appropriate and that neither the special council investigation nor the President should be assailed for doing the right thing. It seems unnecessary to raise tensions further when what we need is a strong, unified America.

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