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Philadelphia Child Protection Agency Employee Now Charged with Child Pornography

The individuals who are tasked with a career in which they're supposed to protect innocent children, often times, apparently more so than not, are responsible for committing atrocities against them; and today's news that a Philly-based Child Protection Agency contractor now faces charges for Child Pornography only further underscores this assertion.

The Camden County Prosecutor’s Office in New Jersey has now charged 55-year-old Voorhees resident Charles Borrelli, a longtime employee of the Philadelphia Department of Human Services, with third-degree possession of child pornography.

According to investigators, the Camden County High-Tech Crimes Unit, conducted a full and detailed search of Borrelli’s home on Rollingwood Drive after they'd received a tip from. The National Center for Missing and Exploited Children.

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Investigators say that during the search they seized multiple digital devices from his residence that all were found to contain child pornography, in which led to Borrelli being arrested at his home without incident.

Borrelli is the also owner of the company Dynamic Sights, an IT consulting firm that has been around since 1994, according to a bio on the company’s now deleted website.

Various services were offered by Dynamic Sights that included web design, IT project management, as well as drone and event photography.

For the past 15 years however, Borrelli worked directly with Department of Human Services, in which is responsible for the wellbeing of thousands of at-risk children in and around the Philadelphia area, although now it seems he was doing so because he is a pedophile.

He also worked as part of a team that built and maintained the IT infrastructure at DHS, including what's now their current case-management system, that allows caseworkers to track children and their families; and apparently, pedophiles who work inside the DHS also use it for following children.

According to two DHS sources from within the organization, Borrelli had unfettered access to the databases that include personal information about the children under DHS care, without supervision.

This is incredibly worrysome that a pedophile could have been monitoring or even worse stalking these children.

Borelli has not been charged with directly harming or exploiting children as of yet, and authorities have not alleged that he made any improper use of the database information, but sources from inside the DHS have expressed their concerns.

DHS spokesperson Alicia Taylor says that all DHS contractors who work directly with children undergo clearances in accordance with Pennsylvania’s Child Protective Services Law, but that contractors who do not work with children are not subject to the same requirements.

I hate to tell Miss Taylor, but clearly this pedophile was employed with then for fifteen years and their failures to recognize such have not only made their organization a fraud but I would suggest that there are likely even more who have slipped through the cracks.

It's a pedophile's dream to work with kids like this, and Borrelli successfully achieved the potential to have tens of thousands of children at his fingertips.

Alicia Taylor still insists that Borrelli did not have direct contact with children as part of his IT contract with them, but that's a moronic statement because he had access to their information and could have been preying upon them.

The agency’s 2013 annual report includes a photo credited to a “Charles Borrelli” that was taken of a child at a DHS event.

“DHS was surprised and horrified to learn of the charges against Mr. Borrelli,” says Taylor. “DHS learned of his arrest on December 11th from an online news article and promptly contacted law enforcement. We are currently cooperating fully with authorities.”

Borrelli was since been released from jail pending trial, which only further shows the incompetence of the Judicial system.

Pedophiles should not have a bond, period.

Despite the charges Borrelli did not return a call from<a href=""> Philly Mag</a>, who reached out for any potential comment.

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The guy is a kike for real. He can fake his last name but he can never hide his hideous face.

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