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Photo credit: Goldwater

Deep Flat Earth Discussion with our folks at Revolution Radio. Dr. True, Red Foot, and Major James Burdock will give you a deeper insight.

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Listen now!!

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Anonymous No. 14552 1514007700

is this fucking for real?

Anonymous No. 14554 1514008221

Man, I was annoyed within 5 seconds. Stream abandoned. Is there an aural equivalent to bleach in the eyes?

Anonymous No. 14558 1514011337

This is sad. I remember reading about these fools a few years back but figured they all live in a retard covenant in commiefornia till early this week. I HAD an employee that was talking shit about how we all got it wrong and that earth really is flat. At first we all laughed thinking he was just being a funny guy but he got visabily upset and started ranting that WE are all the idiots going thru life blindfolded, not opening our eyes and minds to other ways things might be.

We sent him for a random UA and we are one less flat earther snowflake. Now the running joke is if you think the earth is flat… what kind of dope are you on?

Anonymous No. 14568 1514026921

There are people that believe that Elvis is still alive.

For such people they fall into 1 of 3 groups :

1. Mental illness.

2. Gullibility.

3. IQ deficiency .

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