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Black Thug in New York Beats 7-Month-Old Baby Giving him Brain Damage

Some stories are so infuriating and disturbing that I have to caution the reader before proceeding, and this case certainly fits that bill.

Law enforcement in Buffalo, New York says that the relationship between 26-year-old Jasmine L. Mendez and her boyfriend 26-year-old Frank Redd was a rough one; with multiple reported past cases of fighting between the couple.

On countless occasions, the pair reportedly would scream and argue at one another, with some instances becoming violent to the point that the duo would literally assault each other in front of both friends and family.

To make matters worse, Jasmine L. Mendez had a seven-month-old daughter; and the fighting would occur in front of the innocent child.

Redd, not being the father of the child, was accused by Mendez of abusing her and her seventh-month-old son on several occasions, to which Police were called to the home repeatedly.

Eventually, Mendez placed a restraining order on Redd, to which neither of the pair was supposed to remain from coming into contact with each other.

Despite the protection order, Mendez would still take her child over to a friend's house where Redd was staying in order to be her babysitter while she went to work.

Mendez earlier this week took her young son to Oishei Children’s Hospital after he had reportedly become unresponsive.

She had told doctors and medical staff at the hospital that she wasn't sure what happened to her son, but that she had thought “he stopped breathing because he wasn't moving` but then she realized he had been able to get oxygen, but just wasn't moving,” according to a statement she gave to Sgt. Jeff Rinaldo, of the Buffalo Police Department.

Surgeons and hospital staff tirelessly examined the young child, who remained in critical condition, before Oishei Children’s Hospital came to the conclusion the child may have become brain-dead due to what they believed was child abuse.

The Buffalo Police Department were then called in to investigate the incident, where Mendez told them of her past violent incidents with her ex-boyfriend, Redd.

Buffalo Police Detectives learned it wasn't just one violent attack from Redd that caused the damage to the child, but that when the pair would fight Redd would often punch the baby, shaking him, even throwing him down onto the floor.

Law enforcement said that since Mendez knew that these atrocities were occurring to her only son, yet still decided to allow Redd to babysit for her; not only made her also criminally responsible for her son's injuries but absolutely disgusted the Detectives investigating the case.

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The District Attorney then charged Mendez with misdemeanor child endangerment on Friday, and she was taken into custody.

Police then began to hunt for Frank Redd, who had no permanent address, and Mendez wouldn't tell them where to find the man who had put her child into an essential coma.

Oishei Children's Hospital finally diagnosed the infant with being brain-dead determining that one m entire side of the boy’s brain has essentially died due to the inadequate blood supply.

That's when authorities received a break, from an anonymous tipster that led them to locate Redd. When police served a search warrant they were able to detain the monstrous creature without incident.

<blockquote class="twitter-tweet" data-lang="en"><p lang="en" dir="ltr">Mother&#39;s former boyfriend charged in assault of 7-month-old boy, now listed in critical condition with brain damage <a href=""></a> <a href=""></a></p>&mdash; The Buffalo News (@TheBuffaloNews) <a href="">January 6, 2018</a></blockquote>

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Frank Redd has now been charged with second-degree assault, endangering the welfare of a child, and reckless assault, according to<a href=""> WIVB</a>.

“If the child takes a turn for the worse, those charges could be updated,” said Captain Jeff Rinaldo, a spokesman for the Buffalo Police Department.

“It appears the baby was not injured in any single incident but in a series of assaults over a four-month period,” Rinaldo said. “Which makes the case painful.”

He's right.

It's another disturbing case of a savage animal in New York, who brutally assaulted a 7-month-old child; giving the baby brain damage, and it's frustrating to even write these types of stories knowing that the mother is a piece of human garbage who could have saved her child.

Police are not disclosing Mendez’s address nor the name of her son, Rinaldo said. But police noted Mendez brought the child to the hospital after he had been left in the care of someone else.

Child Protective Services was also notified as a result, according to a police report.

Mendez pleaded not guilty at her arraignment in Buffalo City Court on Friday morning, where bail was set at $25,000 cash or property.

She is being held in the Erie County Holding Center, where Redd is also being held until he has an arraignment this week.

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