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African Muslim Migrant in Sanctuary State Vermont Tried Murdering Elderly White Woman with Machete

Another absolutely shocking case of brutality and senseless savagery to report today, coming out of the despicable Sanctuary State of Vermont, where an African-Muslim “migrant” has brutally assaulted an elderly grandmother in an effort to take her life using a machete.

In today's episode of <i>“Why They Have To Go Back ”</i> it's your lucky day, because we're going to include the bonus behind-the-scenes footage of <i>“Why Amnesty Is Suicide”</i>, at no additional cost, by reporting the real-life story of Rudyard Kipling’s <b>The Jungle Book</b>; that is, if it were rated, R and included scenes of graphic violence, also it having been filmed at a motel near the Limpopo River in Vermont.

Our tale of modern America begins with a black 32-year-old <del>man</del> savage, who resides in Burlington, Vermont, named Abukar Ibrahim; in which had attempted to murder a 73-year-old elderly white <i>“Meals on Wheels”</i> delivery woman, as she arrived for her daily delivery route to feed several senior citizens at Harbor Place.

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Harbor Place serves as a temporary housing facility in Burlington, at an old motel, where seniors who are at poverty level who've either been displaced due to lack of family or economic turmoil, or who are even facing near-hospice levels of threats to their health; are brought to live in a safe environment, as reported by the<a href=""> </a>website.

Included with the seniors, however, are lots of homeless people, recovering drug addicts, and now, thanks to the Sanctuary State policies; lots of <b>cultural enrichment<b>.

Unfortunately due to the region being filled with migrants and refugees, according to locals, it's turned into a hell hole.

Corporal Marcoux of the Shelburne Police Department, semi-confirms this assertion, saying that his precinct receives multiple calls of crimes occurring at Harbor Place.

“I think anytime you put a lot of people in a place, not necessarily Harbor Place, but any place, the more contact people have with others, especially under trying circumstances, I think generates more calls,” he said.

Of course, Corporal Marcoux is seemingly avoiding being blunt, and stating that refugees and migrants are the problems; likely for fear of being attacked by the political correctness police that patrols even local law enforcement agencies in 2018.

But hey, this is the<a href=""> Sanctuary State of Vermont </a>that a <i>Republican</i> Governor, Phil Scott chose. It's not like <i>he's not safe or anything</i>, inside of his Governor's mansion.

Hey though, virtue signaling certainly helps teach the Swahili speaking migrants to follow laws and order, and even respect the bill of rights, right guys? What do you mean they can't read English? Are you… <i>Are you some kind of</i>, <b>bigot</b>? Diversity is our greatest strength! How dare you question this!?

The Shelburne Police Department had received multiple emergency 911 calls, describing “a crazed-black man, busting out car windows, carrying a knife, jumping from atop cars and lunging at the motel patrons, who had ‘slashed’ an old lady with his blade while screaming in some sort of tribal language,” according to court documents that included the police report.

This prompted several police cruisers to rush to the scene, which was something out of a horror movie, where windows were shattered all through the Harbor Place parking lot, and a trail of blood across the snow-covered drive led to one of the motel rooms.

“On arrival, we found that this person who was reported to have a knife, had actually attacked an elderly female,” said Corporal Jon Marcoux of Shelburne Police.

Police found that Ibrahim, the poor, <i>innocent refugee who wouldn't hurt a fly</i>, according to liberals; had barricaded himself inside of the room, where he had tried to hold the delivery woman hostage before she was able to escape.

After a two-hour long standoff with police, Ibrahim finally surrendered, well, it only took three individual strikes from multiple police officer’s taser weapons; but you know, he finally went down as a handful of cops had to fight with the man from Somalia to place cuffs on him.

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Ibrahim had just started staying at Harbor Place, said Chris Donnelly, who's a spokesman for the Champlain Housing Trust.

CHT owns and runs the property, and has done so since they bought the motel in 2013 to use it for emergency housing placement.

“It’s a place that people are at to either escape a violent situation at home, or are out on the streets,” Donnelly said. Acknowledging that a few less-than-fortunate elderly residents live there too.

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Another resident, James Scott, said that he has been living at Harbor Place since this last December.

Scott was leaving the motel office on Friday and came across the victim, who had blood running down her leg and streaming in a tail on the floor, he said.

“I just happened to be coming out of the office and helped her in. She looked fine but scared, wicked scared,” Scott said.

The victim, who remains unnamed, was transported to a nearby medical facility where she received a minor surgery and is expected to recover, although she's in shock; and will likely be afraid to attempt to refuse to return, for fear of being fired, or worse, <i>being labeled as a racist</i>.

Scott said the attack clearly threatens his safety as well as others, and he raised questions about who is allowed to live in the motel.

“I sort of do feel unsafe. They let just about anyone in here without putting a background check on them,” he said.

Of course, the leftist spokesman Donnelly would counter that claim of lacking safety, even after an attempted murder just occurred on his property.

What he said is what we call a <i>”narrative shift”</i>, and it's commonly used by Marxists, Communists, and liberals in general who don't understand what an argument is.

“The trust has turned away people who are on the sex offender registry and people who staff or police believe might be a danger to others. But as a practice residents aren’t subject to background checks,” Donnelly said.

“These are people who are receiving a public benefit, and so there really has to be a cause to deny them that public benefit, otherwise it’s discriminatory,” he said. “Where do you draw the line for what pops up on the background check?”

You're right Donnelly, we don't need to draw lines at all. <b>Diversity is our greatest strength!</b>

Individuals such as homeless or misguided youth are often sent to Harbor Place through state agencies like the Department for Children and Families, Donnelly said.

With the cold weather that occurs in the current months, there's no doubt more people seeking shelter, and there's also the migrants, who really aren't people, but animals who don't belong in society with Americans.

Vermont however, would never allow such a notion of savagery to stop them from trying.

“It’s hard to have any 100 percent foolproof system in place,” Donnelly said. “This is just an awful, awful thing that happened.”

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<span style="margin-top:15px;rgba(42,51,6,0.7);font-size:12px;">Credit: CBS WCAX 3</span>

The Swahili speaking, Somali criminal Ibrahim was charged, lightly of course (this is Vermont), with attempted first-degree murder, two counts of unlawful mischief, and violating conditions of release (yes, he'd been previously charged with another crime, but that's sealed in the glorious state of Vermont so we're uncertain of what that crime was).

Judge David Fenster has now ordered Ibrahim to undergo a “sanity and competency evaluation”, and to be held without bail at the Northwest State Correctional Facility until Ibrahim will return for a court date in early February.

The court also granted him an interpreter, at the taxpayer's expense, who speaks his native tongue; however, no interpreter was evident in the courtroom Monday, according to<a href=""> WCAX 3</a>.

Yes Vermont, this is the future you have chosen, and if the rest of America doesn't fight back; it will be their manifest destiny as well.

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Amazed from Australia No. 15697 2018-01-10 : 14:35

"With the cold weather that occurs in the current months, there's no doubt more people seeking shelter, and there's also the migrants, who really aren't people, but animals who don't belong in society with Americans."

One word: WOW.

Exador No. 15705 2018-01-10 : 15:47

Keep paying those high taxes, Vermont. Abukar might be found 'mentally impaired', and then you can pay for his care and feeding, since you all lack the balls to ship him back to the hellhole he came from.

15697 No. 15715 2018-01-10 : 17:04

Hey commenter 15697


You show ZERO concern for the fucking old woman who was stabbed? But give a fuck about the migrants? Fuck you. Fuck these illegals.

Anonymous No. 15807 2018-01-11 : 12:05

Somalis are the scummiest of all niggers… Then again all niggers are the parasite of the world… KIKES TOO!

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