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Daughter Suspected to be Behind Own Father’s Death, Body Found at Home

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A woman has been charged with the murder of her own father and taken into police custody.

The strange circumstances started on December 7 last year when William Mussack’s son got what would turn out to be one of the last messages he would get from his 69-year-old father. The text informed him that after getting a back rub from her daughter in the home they shared together, he had the feeling of being “drugged.” He then fell asleep in a recliner chair for 15 hours.

From December 9 onwards, family and friends of Mussack stopped hearing from him. His brother reported him missing on December 28 since he has not responded to any of their phone calls.

Federal Heights Police say an officer was sent to check on Mussack in his home at 10022 Eliot Circle that night he was reported missing. His daughter 45-year-old Dayna Jennings told the police that her father didn’t live there and that he lost his phone. She also told the police that she would call her uncle to let him know “what was going on.”

The brother of Mussack was still worried the following day because he still has not heard from his brother. Mussack’s son told the same thing.

The Federal Heights police came back to Mussack’s home the following day but Jennings told them that her father went to the mountains with his girlfriend and didn’t bring his phone.

Jennings let the police come inside her unit and showed them the basement where she said her father stays. An affidavit says the police found “a bed covered in women’s clothing. It appeared the room hadn’t been used for several weeks.”

The police also said, “the odor in the home was bad, smelling like sewage and something rotting.” Jennings merely told the police that the toilet overflowed.

His other family members, friends, and girlfriend told the police it was not like Mussack not to respond to calls and messages.The girlfriend even Mussack failed to show up to an agreed party date on December 9. Another friend said they agreed to cut firewood on December 10, but Mussack stopped responding to messages.

Jennings initially told the investigators that it was normal for her father to disappear. Her brother said she also received texts from her prior to their father’s disappearance that he was being abusive and could not make the house payment, a claim Mussack’s other family members, and friends find hard to believe.

Federal Heights Police obtained a search warrant for Mussack’s home on January 10. They found Mussack’s body encased in a concrete crawlspace in his home. Jennings was taken into custody that same day.

Jennings is charged with first-degree murder after deliberation and tampering with a deceased human’s body.

In an interview with the authorities, Jennings ex-husband said her life was in a “downward spiral”, and that her massage business had abruptly closed in November 2017. Her newest husband also left her recently. The ex-husband described her as “impulsive and irrational at times” and was known to have “patterns of intense and unstable relationship with family, friends and loved ones.”

Jennings is scheduled to appear in court on February 15.


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