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Flawed Vaccine Science: By Mistake Or With Intent?

The Mainstream Media these days is hammering out a narrative of a widespread flu epidemic that is claiming lives, urging everyone to get their flu shot, even though they state the shot isn’t very effective. If this sounds odd to you, it should. I am here to tell you that we are being lied to about not only the flu shot but virtually all shots, and the only ones getting sick are the ones who just got a shot, or recently came into contact with someone who just got a shot. The ones dying are mostly the ones who took Tamiflu afterward. All of the deaths recorded so far were of those who had received the flu shot.

I began my suspicions about vaccine toxicity back in 2009 with the onset of “swine flu” which we quickly determined to be a triple-reassortant recombinant chimera super viral bioweapon from the halls of Ft. Derrick, designed based on the formerly-extinct 1918 “Spanish flu” pathogen over a period of seven years by Drs. Jeffrey Taubenberger, Terrence Tumpey, and others. Released from a Baxter facility in Mexico in March 2009, this pathogen had been proudly announced some years prior, on PBS’ Secrets Of The Dead: Killer Flu in 2004, as being a most virulent bioweapon “for study”.

And so I went to study the origins of the 1918 “Spanish flu” and learned it had nothing to do with Spain at all, to the noted chagrin of the Spanish community at the time. In fact, the 1918 scourge was the result of a contaminated Typhus vaccine that was so intentionally frankensteined to cause an unbelievable onset of various illnesses all at once, it was simply named “the black death”. Typhus had been rampant in those years being carried by lice; in later years the famous alleged “holocaust gas” Zyklon-B was actually used in fact simply for delousing.

In those years prior to this “plague”, overall hospital admittances were low and dwindling, and the generally healthy state of the population threatened the survival of the hospital industry. And so the bigwigs got together to brainstorm how to manufacture a fresh and steady market of sick people. Someone came up with the bright idea that if a media campaign were undertaken to scare the people to fear the boogeyman of whatever disease they decided to promote, having given it a fearful name, they could in turn encourage all to get the prophylactic shot, which they have conveniently provided just in the nick of time to spare the people from the terrible fate of the boogeyman disease. Seemed plausible, so they dumped a ton of money into the propaganda campaign against Typhus, warning everyone they might die if they didn’t come in and get the Typhus shot, and this folks is how the 1918 “Spanish flu” was born - delivered by that very toxic shot. Pure Hegelian dialectic: problem, reaction, solution… except the solution only created more problems.

History records how many millions died during that worldwide “epidemic” of the “black death”… and also how ultimately it died off, following a bell curve expression consistent with all viral epidemics. At some point, people stopped taking the shot. Inventory had been depleted, and a giant fresh market of sick and dying people had been created. And those who had concocted this frankenstein plan saw the hospital beds filling and business burgeoning, and they began to double down on their brilliant, evil, plan.

Thus was born the vaccine industry: with an agenda to create a customer base from cradle to grave for Big PharMafia. Today the shots contain all sorts of toxic heavy metals like Mercury and Aluminum, directly associated with Autism, Alzheimer's and other diseases, in addition to cancer-causing agents like Nagalese as well as other virulent pathogens. The list of ingredients gets worse, including insect larvae, arsenic, and even aborted fetus tissue - thanks to folks like Planned Parenthood. Most people have no idea that when they ask for a vaccine insert at their pharmacy they are most often handed a single-sheet talking point propaganda piece printed up either by the CDC or the vaccine manufacturer, and is not the actual vaccine insert… which is usually a heavily-worded and finely printed document several pages long.

Indeed, most people are completely unaware that most pediatricians receive kickbacks from vaccine manufacturers for the number of shots delivered. Most people have no idea that most MDs are completely untrained with respect to vaccine science, and that they are lobbied and trained to parrot the vaccine propaganda by no less than the big pharma representatives who sell them. Most people have no idea that the only immunity associated with any shot is that which the manufacturer has against any damage claims from injury or death from the vaccines they make.

Media tells us these shots are designed to prevent disease. I submit the complete reverse is true: that these shots are designed to make us ill, keeping alive a steady stream of incoming patients to a thriving “healthcare” industry. A long list of dead doctors who became whistleblowers continue to grow, after the late Dr. Andrew Moulden, MD published his findings on Nagalese. Many others continue to be subjected to ridicule, despite being fully vindicated, such as Dr. Andrew Wakefield, director of the film VAXXED and the subject of a new documentary film The Pathological Optimist.

Del Bigtree, a former producer of CBS’ The Doctors, produced the film VAXXED featuring several case studies, one involving Sheila Lewis-Ealey’s story of her son Temple. I have had the pleasure of interviewing Sheila on more than one occasion and her story is truly heart-wrenching. Another person featured in this April 2016 documentary is former Merck sales rep Brandy Vaughan who used to sell Vioxx. Having quit her job and fight to keep her own son vaccine-free, she now leads an activist nonprofit full-time. She recently appeared on the podcast Highwire with Del Bigtree, and continues to travel to health conferences and give lectures worldwide.

If there were any single message I could give to the uninitiated: educate before you vaccinate. Do your homework folks, and do not trust what the tell-lie-vision tells you. Sadly, the truth is much stranger than fiction, and I hereby serve to proclaim the vaccine racket to be a giant murderous fraud upon humanity causing death and disease for the profit of a few. The only safe shot is the one you refuse; there is no such thing as a safe shot. The only exception is the Irish Flu Shot: a snifter of Jameson’s.

Some excellent reading resources include books like Vaccine Epidemic; Dr. Mary's Monkey: How the Unsolved Murder of a Doctor, a Secret Laboratory in New Orleans and Cancer-Causing Monkey Viruses are Linked to Lee Harvey Oswald, the JFK Assassination and Emerging Global Epidemics by Ed Haslam; Vaccine A: The Covert Government Experiment That's Killing Our Soldiers–and Why GI's Are Only the First Victims by Gary Matsumoto; and Miller’s Review of Critical Vaccine Studies by Neil Z. Miller. Everyone should see the film VAXXED at Other resources include and the previously-mentioned; more info can be found on my blog

Redfoot is a contributing writer to The Goldwater and is the host of as well as the co-host of The Story Behind The Story hosted by Dr. A. True Ott Ph.D. on Fridays 7-9pm PST on Revolution Radio in studio B - and graciously simulcast by The Goldwater.

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Robert Blake No. 17581 2018-02-05 : 23:08

This has been going on scinse I was in the Navy. The shots I was given affected my mind in ways that I am now only starting to understand. Do not let these liberals infect you with their toxic vaccinations. Do not let them do this to childern. I fear this is only the begining

Anonymous No. 17591 2018-02-06 : 01:37

Use to take the flu shoots… took the shots 4 times in the late 70's and early 80 'S …. got the flu 3 times after taking the shots. Quit taking the shots started wearing masks, washing hands and wiping down shopping carts. 28+years later no flu's just simple colds.

Erik A. Brown No. 17592 2018-02-06 : 01:39

I have my own, preconceived distrust of Big Pharma, but I can't trust a story from a stranger with no helpful references that can be cross-checked. Result, I would not dare give this to anyone else.

Redfoot No. 17599 2018-02-06 : 03:01

Thank you to the folks at TGW for publishing this and giving this very important issue a voice. Elsewhere in (((social media))) a vast campaign of censorship is being levied against those who speak out about vaccine toxicity, and it is no wonder that bigpharmafia funds the majority of MSM airtime through it's advertising dollars. Parents today haven't a clue. One can only pray for their kids.

Redfoot No. 17606 2018-02-06 : 05:28

@Erik… you have a computer and a search engine, I suggest you use them. This is an op-ed, not a dissertation. You will be surprised to find how easy it is to find references for anything spoken of in this article.

Anonymous No. 18199 2018-02-12 : 03:30

I dont vaccinate my children and neither should you!

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