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BOOM! Hannity Confirms: FBI Informant has Audio PROVING Clinton Connection to Uranium One!

Reports are surfacing that an undercover informant working for patriots inside the Federal Bureau of Investigation now has audio recordings to document the Clintons involvement in Uranium One.

The story was first released by<a href=""> The Hill </a>, which shows that even the left-wing media in America can no longer hide from the truth surrounding Bill Clinton's initial workings sith Frank Giustra to acquire Uranium One for profit, and then his wife Hillary Clinton using the State Department as Secretary under Barack Obama to sell the company back to the Russians as Vladimir Putin desired.

The Clintons profited twice off the deal, which is explained in an explosive exposé on the<a href=""> <b>"Complete History of Uranium One"</b> </a>that The Goldwater published recently.

In an extraordinary Newsday on Capitol Hill we've seen Judicial Watch uncovers a second Russian Dossier made by the Obama State Department, Peter Strzok's text messages confirming that Barack Hussein Obama knew about the FBI corruption, and now an FBI Informant has the Clintons tied to Uranium One via audio recordings.

Sean Hannity also aired the story tonight on his show, which should send tremors throughout the media.

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<b>With these reports, the rest of the media will no doubt have to cover this story.</b>

We already knew a <a href=""> eleven count indictment </a>has been made by the Department of Justice in the Uranium One case.

<blockquote class="twitter-tweet" data-lang="en"><p lang="en" dir="ltr">The FBI informant who spent 6 years Undercover and documented and has audio tapes exposing the uranium one scandal, has been testifying for the last 2 hours. We have two of the biggest scandals in the history of America, committed by many of the same people, being exposed now</p>&mdash; Stonewall Jackson (@1776Stonewall) <a href="">February 7, 2018</a></blockquote>

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It's being reported by<a href=""> The Hill </a>that the FBI Informant told at least three Congressional Committees via a written testimony that the Russian Government secretly funneled millions of dollars into the United States of America under the guise of philanthropic funding for the Clinton Foundation in exchange for Hillary Clinton using the State Department for organizing what's being described as a "reset" between the tense politics of the United States and Russian relations.

<b>Sounds an awful lot like "Russian Collusion" to me.</b>

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<a href="">The Hill </a> identified the informant as being <i>Douglas Campbell</i>, who said Russian nuclear officials "told me at various times that they expected APCO to apply a portion of the $3 million annual lobbying fee it was receiving from the Russians to provide in-kind support for the Clinton's Global Initiative."

Democrats are already shilling heavily against Campbell, trying to destroy his credibility in an effort to protect their coronated queen.

"The contract called for four payments of $750,000 over twelve months. APCO was expected to give assistance free of charge to the Clinton Global Initiative," Campbell said." As part of their effort to create a favorable environment to ensure the Obama administration made affirmative decisions on everything from Uranium One to the U.S.-Russia Civilian Nuclear Cooperation agreement."

Clinton Spokesman Nick Merrill said," Just yesterday the committee made clear that this secret informant charade was just that, a charade. Along with the widely debunked text-message-gate and Nunes' embarrassing memo episode, we have a trifecta of GOP-manufactured scandals designed to distract from their own President's problems and the threat to democracy he poses."

It appears the Clintons are scared to death, and they should be. Justice is coming very soon.

The GOP intends to use Campbell's testimony to further the already active reopening of the investigation into Uranium One by Attorney General Jeff Sessions at the Justice Department, and have pointed out that there is already evidence proving Campbell is legitimate.

In fact, in 2016 Campbell was paid $50,000 by the FBI for his information, so there's obviously a belief within the agency that he's more than credible. The problem is that when the corrupt James Comey was FBI Director he did everything within his power to protect Hillary Clinton.

Unsurprisingly, Representative Adam Schiff (D-CA) sent a letter in December to the House Intelligence Committee and both parties suggesting that they "could not trust Campbell," in an effort to destroy any future investigations into the Clinton cartel.

In Campbell's written testimony he's stated that the Obama regime intentionally reworked policies in a way that they would benefit the Russian nuclear industry, which he also said was essential to Vladimir Putin's goal of developing an advantage over the resources the United States of America has at its disposal.

Currently, the United States of America imports a whopping 90% of the uranium used in its reactors, which means any shift of American uranium such as that which happened during the Uranium One scandal to line the pockets of the Clinton and allow Obama to call in a favor from Putin during the "Iranian Nuclear Deal" endangered America's national security.

Campbell also wrote in his testimony that Russian nuclear executives who were intoxicated heavily on vodka would brag to one another "how weak the U.S. government was in giving away uranium business and we're confident that Russia would secure the strategic advantage it was seeking in the U.S. uranium market."

"I expressed these concerns repeatedly to my FBI handlers. The response I got was that politics was somehow involved," he testified.

According to the<a href=""> The Hill's report</a>, Campbell turned over multiple documents to the three Congressional committees he testified before, and was able to prove that Tenex, a subsidiary of Rosatom, the Russian state nuclear energy company, specifically had required him to personally work towards gaining an approval of the Uranium One sale from the Obama Administration.

"In 2010, officials inside Tenex became interested in helping another Rosatom subsidiary, ARMZ, win Obama administration approval to purchase Uranium One, a Canadian company with massive Kazakh and large U.S. uranium assets," Campbell testified. "Although Tenex and ARMZ are separate subsidiaries, Tenex had its own interest in Uranium One. Tenex would become responsible for finding commercial markets and revenue for those uranium assets once they were mined.

"The emails and documents I intercepted during 2010 made clear that Rosatom's purchase of Uranium One - for both its Kazakh and American assets - was part of Russia's geopolitical strategy to gain leverage in global energy markets," he testified. "I obtained documentary proof that Tenex was helping Rosatom win CFIUS approval, including an October 6th of 2010 email asking me specifically to help overcome opposition to the Uranium One deal."

Campbell also said to the committees that the initial purchase of the Uranium One and all of its assets, as well as securing billions of dollars in new uranium sales contracts inside the United States during the Obama years were part of the "Russian uranium dominance strategy."

"The importance of the Uranium One decision to Tenex was made clear by the fact that the Russian government directed Mikerin to open a new U.S. office for Tenex and to create a new American entity called Team in early October of 2010, just weeks before Rosatom and ARMZ won the Obama administration approval to buy Uranium One," he said.

"Rosatom/Tenex threw a party to celebrate, which was widely attended by American nuclear industry officials. At the request of the FBI, I attended and recorded video footage of Tenma's new offices," he added.

Much of Campbell's written testimony focused on his time taking orders from the FBI, including a master ploy from the Bureau to manipulate Vladimir Putin into coming inside of the US so that the agency could collect the evidence necessary to prove Russia was "helping Iran build its nuclear capability."

On April 10th of 2010, Campbell says he gave Congress a memo he wrote that explicitly detailed the Russian efforts to aid Iran. Most are unaware this is the entire reason Obama approved the Uranium One sale so that Putin could later assist in Obama's efforts to help his Muslim brethren inside of Iran complete the heavily-touted nuclear deal.

"Tenex continues to supply Iran fuel through their Russian company," Campbell wrote. "They continue to assist with construction consult and fabricated assemblies to supply the reactor. Fabricated assemblies require sophisticated engineering and are arranged inside the reactor with the help and consult" of Russians.

"The final fabricators to Iran are being flown by Russian air transport due to the sensitive nature of the equipment," he wrote to the FBI.

Campbell also said to Congress that he gave the FBI "documentary proof that officials in Moscow were obtaining restricted copies of IAEA compliance reports on Iranian nuclear inspections, a discovery that appeared to deeply concern my handlers."

<a href="">The Hill </a>also reports that the FBI reimbursed Campbell hundreds of thousands of dollars he used to make bribes to the Russians to ensure his cover wasn't blown.

This isn't including the 2016 "reward" check Campbell claims he was given, in which he says made him feel "gratified for his efforts."

"My FBI handlers praised my work. They told me on various occasions that details from the undercover probe had been briefed directly to FBI top officials. On two occasions my handlers were particularly excited, claiming that my undercover work had been briefed to President Obama as part of his daily presidential briefing," he testified.

He's angry that nothing was ever done about this corruption, which is proof the Obama Administration sold America's future away to a foreign power.

"I was frustrated watching the U.S. government make numerous decisions benefiting Rosatom and Tenex while those entities were engaged in serious criminal conduct on U.S. soil," he testified. "Tenex and Rosatom were raking in billions of U.S. dollars by signing contracts with American nuclear utility clients at the same time they were indulging in extortion by using threats to get bribes and kickbacks, with a portion going to Russia for high ranking officials."

Campbell says he pressed the FBI to find out why it was allowed, and why nothing was ever done to stop it.

"I remember one response I got from an agent when I asked how it was possible CFIUS would approve the Uranium One sale when the FBI could prove Rosatom was engaged in criminal conduct. His answer: 'Ask your politics,' " Campbell said.

If these allegations are true, which the details certainly match the known history of the illicit Uranium One sale, then it certainly brings about the eventual charges of treason against those in the Obama Administration and the FBI who allowed the sale to happen knowing they had this evidence the entire time.

Campbell had better hope he has private security before something mysteriously happens to him.

<a href="">The Gateway Pundit </a>is already reporting that Campbell is a cancer patient recovering from 35 radiation treatments for Cancer, so they may make him disappear and play it off as a natural loss.

Again, for anyone who's unfamiliar with the entire backstory on the case read The Goldwater report of the<a href=""> <b>"Complete History of Uranium One"</b>.</a>

<b>It's certainly getting interesting, and dangerous folks.</b>

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Anonymous No. 17815 2018-02-08 : 05:05

Lock her up!

Anonymous No. 17816 2018-02-08 : 05:28

Seems like the whole bambam admin should get locked up or lined up along the wall. The fart-tards were selling out America for profit and favors.

Anonymous No. 17822 2018-02-08 : 06:06

Why are these people not in prison

Anonymous No. 17823 2018-02-08 : 06:06

It's past time for them to go to jail

Robert No. 17826 2018-02-08 : 06:45

The FBI had gathered substantial evidence well before the committee’s decision that Vadim Mikerin, the main Russian overseeing Putin’s nuclear acquisition and expansion inside the US, who was also a Rosatom director, was complicit in the corruption, and indicted in 2014 for extortion, bribery, money laundering and kickbacks. The FBI director, who knew of the corrupting actions of the Russians, was Robert Mueller. Andrew Weissmann oversaw the FBI mole who gathered the evidence which lead to the arrests. The investigation was supervised by then-U.S. Attorney Rod Rosenstein, and then-Assistant FBI Director Andrew McCabe (whose wife received 700,00$ from good Clinton friend Terri McAuliffe)

Richard Lukenbach No. 17870 2018-02-08 : 14:16

i know muellar will go down with the ship

Anonymous No. 17935 2018-02-09 : 08:24

BOOM! Busted! Oh wait, they aren't in jail

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