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Video Evidence Claimed By Police To Support Netanyahu Collusion And Corruption Charges

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has been facing multiple allegations in four separate cases in which police are <a href="">recommending his indictment</a>. One case involves allegations of bribery and corruption related to hundreds of thousands of dollars worth of gifts, including around $300,000 worth of champagne and cigars sent by admitted former Mossad agent and gun-runner, Hollywood producer Arnon Milchan.

The most recent is related to charges that Netanyahu has been colluding with the newspaper Yehod Ahronoth exchanging regulatory favors for favorable coverage. It seems Ahronoth isn't the only Israeli media outlet offering embroiled in the "pay for play" scandal. The spotlight is now on Israeli telecom giant Bezeq.

The plot thickens however, just hours ago, Ha'aretz reported that police are saying they have video of Israeli telecom mogul Shaul Elovitch pushing for positive coverage of Benjamin Netanyahu on the company's news site. This will certainly won't help his credibility as he has, up till now, been claiming that there is no basis to the charges that he colluded with Yedioth Ahronoth in exchange for positive press.

Elovitch is the controlling shareholder of Bezeq, which owns Walla, a popular Israeli news site. In the video police have in their possession, Elovitch presses the CEO of Walla news to ensure the site offers a decidedly pro-Netanyahu stance. Bezeq was already entangled as Shlomo Filber, a communications minister appointed by Prime Minister Netanyahu. <a href="">Filber was the second to turn state's witness</a> and currently multiple arrests have been made, including that of the Netanyahus' personal media advisor. Even David Shimron, cousin of and personal lawyer to Benjamin Netanyahu has an investigation underway. BB is facing 5 separate cases related to fraud, bribery, corruption, colluding with media to receive favorable coverage and related charges.

The Netanyahu's sought the firing of media personalities who released material they felt threatened by. Israel has been facing a PR nightmare recently in between the <a href="">global protests of their proposed "indefinite detention"</a> of migrants who refuse to leave and the "behind closed doors" military tribunal <a href="">hearing of Palestinian teenager Tahed Amimi</a>, looks like with recent developments, BB will certainly not be able to bribe his way out of what may become the Israeli Watergate.


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Anonymous No. 19088 2018-02-22 : 20:20

Isn't accusing an Israeli of a crime anti-sematic? Everything else seems to be.

Phil No. 19141 2018-02-23 : 13:28


Ha, that was actually the subject of a recent article I wrote: "Is criticizing Zionist War Crimes Antisemitic?" Some lawmakers in the US, Canada and other nations would like to see to it that even BOYCOTTING Israel could carry a prison term and weighty fines…

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