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CNN vs. InfoWars: YouTube Disappears David Hogg Videos Down The Memory Hole

CNN has gleefully reported a video posted by Alex Jones' InfoWars regarding student David Hogg being a "crisis actor" and the entire event being no more than a "deep state false flag operation." Some of the rumors to that extent are related to Hogg's appearing in a news segment in California 6 months prior to the shooting, pictures of him in attendance at a CNN event for aspiring journalists, unedited videos where CNN appears to coach him on his message and his father being an FBI agent.

<blockquote class="twitter-tweet" data-lang="en"><p lang="en" dir="ltr">WHAT IN THE WORLD? HOGG IS AN ASPIRING JOURNALIST? News Article quote: &quot;It’s actually from a tour taken of CNN in Atlanta, which is a normal thing for an aspiring journalist like David Hogg to want to do. Boldrick even labeled the series of photos on Facebook as a great VIP tour <a href=""></a></p>&mdash; Brain Tremors (@CA95660) <a href="">February 24, 2018</a></blockquote>

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YouTube had an InfoWars video regarding the Hogg crisis actor conspiracy theory pulled citing their policies against harassment and bullying. Fortune argues that it seems more like a "face-saving slap on the wrist" by YouTube as similar videos are still on the site. Facebook and YouTube have been thrust into the forefront of the argument related to "fake news" and its potential dangers. No major conversation seems to exist in the mainstream media regarding how CNN and other major venues have played a part in reporting falsehoods in order to push a desired narrative.

As much focus has been put on YouTube, Facebook and Twitter for "fake news," the issue of <a href="">child exploitation</a> through these same networks is still a seldom mentioned but far more pressing topic. <a href="">Geoff Golberg and other journalists were banned by Periscope</a> when they pointed out how predators used the site to exploit young children. Golberg and others spent months addressing the issue and the very real danger to hundreds of thousands of children who use the platform with no action on it, but within several hours of CNN's complaints, YouTube acts against InfoWars.

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InfoWars has complained about CNN referring multiple of their videos to YouTube for takedown with Alex Jones describing it as CNN “calling to have a competing news organization shut down,” as part of the "globalist conspiracy." The so-called "war on fake news" likely will never address the issues with the type of spin and narrative doctoring that is a standard part and parcel of mainstream reportage.


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