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More Anti-Marijuana Rhetoric From Law Enforcement Officials

Each state has been fighting their own battle to legalize marijuana and law enforcement officials are making it very difficult for a bill to pass that would legalize it in Kentucky.

A House committee heard testimony for the second day straight Tuesday but still has yet to vote on the matter. Joe Fischer, Committee Chairman, said he expects the bill to come up again Wednesday too.

While over half of the United States have individually legalized the plant, it is still illegal under federal law muddying the waters even further. Now, as Kentucky tries to make its own bid to legalize marijuana, law enforcement officials such as Daviess County Sheriff Keith Cain are lobbying against it.

Cain spoke before the committee and said how legalizing medical marijuana would be "unwise" and irresponsible, yet he had no solid evidence as to why. He argued legalizing it would ignore links between marijuana use and crime and the trafficking problems it would create.

What Cain fails to recognize is legalizing marijuana actually <a href="">cuts back on crime,</a> and shootings and murders in border states that have legalized cannabis have gone down. Pretty much the whole world is aware and willing to recognize the plant should not be illegal.

"Know this, my opposition to this legislation isn't because I lack compassion for the sick, but because I think it's wrong to herald marijuana," he said. People who lobby against its legalization such as Cain always fail to provide any convincing evidence that it should stay illegal.

Still, he went on to say, "It has many proven negative qualities and not yet been proven to be medically beneficial." A sheriff is voted in by the people, and the majority of the country have already legalized it and nine of those states have decriminalized it all together.

The bill being voted on in Kentucky would only make it legal for medical purposes and leave it up to cities or counties to allow it or not. Cain was also joined by a group representing police chiefs in Kentucky.

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Lola No. 20017 2018-03-07 : 06:29

Mexican drug cartel is embedded into towns and taking over the marijuana businesses through what may be simple buy outs or may be intimidation.

Anonymous No. 20018 2018-03-07 : 06:54

Ironically, marijuana is legal in Mexico

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