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The History Of Psychedelic Mind Control Research: Is This Trip Over Yet?

For many, the idea of mind control is a laughable plot fit only for cheesy science fiction thrillers, but if you examine the history of the US intelligence apparatus you'll find that truth is often stranger than fiction. Psychic spies, remote viewing (even remote killing), ouija boards, portals and psychedelic fueled mind control research all funded by taxpayers and often using unwitting US citizens or citizens of other countries as test subjects is no secret. Even if you don't feel like digging through Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) records, you need look no further than the 1976 Church Committee hearings for a quick basic rundown. In fact, some senators even felt it was possible that when MK-Ultra ended it's "official" run (1953 - 1976) it may have just evolved or gone underground, perhaps folded into the CIA's Project STARGATE.

At the time folks like Dr. John C. Lilly, who was involved in interspecies communication attempts involving dolphins, consciousness research and dosing massive amounts of LSD and/or ketamine while floating in a sensory deprivation tank were actually working at the behest of the government. Much of the research that Dr. Lilly and Dr. Timothy Leary were involved in was incorporated into the means and methods of manipulation and mind control formulated by scientists like Dr. Morris West (aka Dr. "Jolly"), Dr. Sidney Gottlieb, Dr. Jose Delgado and other MK-Ultra researchers. The CIA entrance interrogation exam, designed by Harvard's most well known psychedelic guru is called "the Leary" and is still used to this day.

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Some of the research conducted for the CIA, like Leary's Millbrook experiments, was done at well-known institutions and colleges. Once again, outside of certain circles, it may not be exactly well known, but this sort of psychedelic research continues to this day. In fact, it is becoming more prominent in the past few decades than it had been since the 50's and 60's. The Multidisciplinary Association of Psychedelic Studies (MAPS) sponsors studies but they also host a list of ongoing studies from various institutions in the US and other nations around the world. Many of the recent tests are related to MDMA and marijuana, but ayahuasca and other substances are also being researched "above ground" so to speak at legitimate and credentialed institutions of research and learning.

To get an idea of the range of research subjects, here's a handful of the "ongoing studies" that are not sponsored directly by MAPS:

Histories of Psychedelic Use in People over 65

Imperial College London: Drug Experiences Survey

Johns Hopkins Survey: Have You Encountered "God" or a "Higher Power" When Using Psychedelics?

Johns Hopkins Survey: Psychedelic Use and Addiction

Kratom/Oxycodone Comparison Survey

MDMA Preloading and Postloading Practices Survey

Medical Marijuana Survey

Microdosing Study: Are You Experienced or Interested in "Microdosing"?

People on the Autism Spectrum Currently Using or Interested in Using Cannabis as a Medication

Psilocybin in the Treatment of Cluster Headaches

Psilocybin Study

Psychedelic Drugs and Mystical Experiences

Quitting Smoking with Psilocybin and Spiritual Support

Seeking Volunteers for Ayahuasca Study

Survey Research: Ayahuasca Consumption in Europe - Overview and Perspectives

University of Liverpool Survey: Cannabis and Appetite

Now to be fair, the literary genius and author of One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest and The Electric Kool-Aid Acid Test, Ken Kesey of the Merry Pranksters was an MK-Ultra volunteer guinea pig before he received acclaim. Other notables include the bard of the Grateful Dead, Robert Hunter who, along with Ken Kesey volunteered to test LSD at Stanford Research Institute. Poet and folk-rock artist Leonard Cohen was another volunteer before you get too excited and decide perhaps going "under the white light" with the good doctors is the best way to open up your mind and free your creativity, remember that Ted Kaczynski was another notable volunteer. That's right, the Unabomber volunteered to be dosed decades before he retired to the woods to engage in his hobby of environmental terrorism and assembling and mailing explosives. Some feel that Robert F. Kennedy's supposed assassin Sirhan Sirhan was also an MK candidate. The LAPD notably lost the door behind RFK, but the simple fact that the gun in Sirhan's hand didn't match the caliber of bullets in the younger Kennedy's body is enough to give one pause.

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Certainly, the potential positive applications of powerful techniques coupled with psychedelic therapy are awe-inspiring and amazing. Conversely, the awful potential of their misuse and abuse cannot be discounted easily either. So, to loosely paraphrase an old Pink Floyd tune from their early psychedelic years (with Syd Barrett, another rumored victim of MK experimentation) "Careful with that acid, Eugene…"


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Anonymous No. 20607 2018-03-14 : 19:00

In the 90's I remember thinking, "If only more people knew about MK-Ultra then thing might change. We just need to raise awareness!" Then there was Mel Gibson's Conspiracy Theory (aka "MK-Ultra: the movie") and Joss Whedon's Dollhouse and Stranger Thing made MK-Ultra a fun thriller to binge watch.

Yeah, I give up…

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