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Terry Gilliam Says Matt Damon Has Been ''Beaten To Death'' By #MeToo Internet Mob

A prominent director in Hollywood is speaking out against the #MeToo movement which he says has turned into "mob rule". Terry Gilliam said, "mob rule takes over; the mob is out there, they are carrying their torches and they are going to burn down Frankenstein’s castle."

One of the victims of the mob mentality seen in the #MeToo movement is Matt Damon. Gilliam cited the January backlash levied on the actor when he suggested there were different levels of rape and touching someone's butt is not the same as rape. "I feel sorry for someone like Matt Damon, who is a decent human being," Gilliam said.

"He came out and said all men are not rapists, and he got beaten to death. Come on, this is crazy!"

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Gilliam called the #MeToo movement as "simplistic" and "silly" but didn't deny Weinstein was "a monster". He also said there are more people in the industry like Weinstein who haven't been publicly exposed. In an interview Friday, the 12 Monkeys director said, "Harvey opened the door for a few people, a night with Harvey — that’s the price you pay."

"It is a world of victims. I think some people did very well out of meeting with Harvey and others didn’t. The ones who did knew what they were doing. These are adults; we are talking about adults with a lot of ambition," the filmmaker said. Gilliam also called out some of Weinstein's victims who he says didn't actually suffer but used Weinstein to further their career.

He also said he knows women who walked out of meetings with the Hollywood mogul before being sexually abused. Gilliam went on to say, "I don’t think Hollywood will change, power always takes advantage — it always does and always has."

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Anonymous No. 20816 2018-03-17 : 12:34

Matt Damon - Anti-Trumper …. Trump Curse strikes again. OK with that out of the way.

Depending on which state you use, Rape is in fact defined in various ways, degrees and levels.

It is not rape to grab an butt or a boob. That is sex molestation.

Which is also addressed in various levels and degrees depending amount of physical contact.


You cannot have it ALL ways.

If you are a true 100% Feminists and spouting total EQUALITY, then Rape is really only Physical Sexual Assault between to equal adults, now isn't ?

If you are a Conservative you understand females tend to be the physically weaker of the sexes and you support stiff sentences w/o parole and without the Family jewels on release.

Smitty No. 20828 2018-03-17 : 17:37

He finds out the Marxist always eat their own in the end. Useful idiots are a dime a dozen. Marxism is a death cult and Globalism is a Marxist Trojan Horse.

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