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Why Guns And Freedom Will Never Be Separate

Ever since the high school shooting in Parkland, Florida last month, the left has been pushing harder than ever for gun control and they've even enlisted the help of young, malleable adolescents who don't know any better. Just last week, students staged a nation-wide "walkout" where they walked out of class to protest against firearms.

At some schools, <a href="">the protests turned into violent vandalism,</a> such as in Nashville where students tore down an American flag and jumped on a police car. The disconnect between reality and the brainwashing these kids are receiving from liberal schools is setting them up to fail and they don't even realize it.

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A YouTube channel called TheFallenState did a video composed of a series of interviews with random people on the street and it's startling to see what the average person thinks of topics such as Trump, racism, and police. The video shows how little the average person understands about what is happening in the world.

When asked if they think it's right for the President to put America first, one young person said they wished President Trump would put other people around the world first before America. This type of thinking can only exist under circumstances that are too easy for people to exist where there is no struggle for survival and no understanding of evil.

When you don't have to hunt for your food, fight off predators, or struggle just to eat, it is easy to ignore reality and live in a bubble which is what a lot of Americans are doing.

What the young man who said he wished Trump would put other people around the world before America doesn't understand is the only reason he is able to even have the interview and express his thoughts freely is because of the sacrifices the generations upon generations made before him.

If his version of reality were allowed to come true, his entire way of thinking would unravel. If America put other countries first, our borders would be overrun, diseases would spread uncontrollably, soon other world powers would sense weakness and violent militia groups would spring up.

Children would be murdered, would be sold as sex slaves, books, knowledge, religious artifacts would all be destroyed. Soon, the original way of thinking that led that young man to his opinion of putting others before our country would not exist. Instead, it would be replaced by thoughts of survival, where the next meal would come from, how to gain resources, and how to protect your loved ones.

This is exactly what so many don't understand.

The reason we Americans are able to have a free country is because of military strength and weapons. Now of course diplomacy and industry and trade all factor in but I'm specifically talking about what is stopping other country's militaries or jihadist rebel groups from entering the U.S. and reeking havoc, and that's firepower.

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It is because the American people and our military are armed that keep evil people at bay. Our country was founded by a very small group of people who were armed who had enough of the tyrannical British government's overreach. A very specific, and precious, vision of freedom was laid out by our founding fathers and it is strength, military power, and nuclear weapons that maintain that freedom.

It is essential for our way of life, and indeed our very existence for us to be armed. Without guns, our borders would be susceptible to attack and our neighborhoods, communities, and families would soon be next. Guns are only a tool, a very efficient tool designed to give the wielder more power than they would have otherwise.

We, the American people, MUST be able to defend ourselves if want to have any hope of keeping this country and the values it was founded upon alive. One thing I have learned is that too many people are ignorant of the reality of life outside of America. Thanks to the internet, anyone who wishes to look can find thousands upon thousands of videos from other parts of the world that show a version of reality you won't see on TV.

If you've never seen Islamic rebels beating a boy to death for being the wrong type of Muslim that you have not seen evil. If you have never seen Mexican cartel cut the hands off a teenager and then peel his face off while he shrieks and tries to fight off his attackers with two bloody stumps, then you have never seen evil.

Yes. These horrific violent acts exist, they happen in 2018, and they happen every day to people like you and me. Just to be clear, evil exists everywhere and I'm not saying that horrific acts of violence don't take place in America, but it's far, far less than the rest of the world. The kind of gangsters who would chop up a taxi driver piece by piece while he is alive for giving a rival cartel a ride wouldn't think twice about doing the same to you or me.

This is the reality. It's the violent, cruel reality that most of the world knows. But in America we are insulated, decades of hard work and sacrifice have allowed us to grow comfortable and ignorant of what goes on outside our borders. The only way that we can keep this dream of ours alive is with strength, and that means being armed.

And I don't mean just the government needs to be armed, every man and woman who can legally carry a firearm should own one and know how to use it. You can't rely on the government to protect for two main reasons.

First, they won't be there until after the crime has happened and in the rare case they are there while the violent act is perpetrated, they may not save you. Just like the sheriff deputy who stood outside Marjory Stoneman Douglass high school in Florida while children were slaughtered.

Second, the government is only a tiny fraction of the country's population. Even if every government worker and law enforcement agency was patrolling at once, it would not be enough to squash an uprising of millions of people or a massive military invasion. When our country was attacked in World War II, the government had to draft millions of young men in order to defend our nation and win the war.

Which brings me to my final point and one that many people have probably never considered. The American people need to be armed not just to protect ourselves from foreign invaders, but to protect ourselves when government gets out of control and goes wrong.

As it stands now, our government works because of something called voluntary compliance. That means if every person decided that they were no longer going to follow the law, the government would be powerless to stop it. Now, you may think that sounds like some type of conspiracy, and the government will never get out of control and we will never have to fight our own government.

But consider this. In World War II, the Japanese government attacked America and they did so without putting it to a vote with the people of Japan. When America dropped nuclear bombs on Japan, our leaders didn't target government buildings or military bases, they targeted the people. The nuclear bombs were dropped on innocent civilians. Why?

Because it was a message to let the people of Japan know their government got out of control and they need to take back control. The people of a nation are responsible for the government. When America dropped those nuclear weapons on the men, woman, and children of Japan, it was to send a message for those people to get their government in check.

When government gets out of control, it is the people's responsibility to take it back. Now we are not at that point in America. I am not saying we need to take over the government, in fact, I think we have one of the best governments in the world led by one of the best Presidents we have ever had.

To bring this full circle, it is absolutely necessary for the people of America to be armed. Guns are vital to our way of life and without them, our country would not exist. So to the people that want to protest guns, and open our borders, and protect violent felons, I say it is time for you to have a reality check.

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Go experience the other side of the world. Go see how Venezuela is literally tearing itself apart because the government took away the guns and now there is no food, no power and in just a few years the country has devolved into a third world country. Understand what you are asking for and then maybe you wouldn't ask for it.

America needs the means to protect our freedom because it is worth protecting. Maybe there will be hiccups along the way and people who should not have been able to buy guns will get them, but policy can be fixed and loopholes can be closed without taking away firearms.

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Anonymous No. 20851 2018-03-18 : 10:25

When stated in its simplest terms.

The Socialists and the Liberals are protesting the US Constitution.

Because if it was really about the kids and school safety.

Then why have they sat on their hands and refused to address the documented cause of these shootings , Mental Illness?

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