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Lawyer Set To Join Trump's Legal Team Says There's A Secret DOJ Plot Against Trump

In the wake of John Dowd leaving President Trump's legal team, veteran Washington attorney Joseph diGenova is looking to fill the void and he has an unnerving theory about the opposition against Trump. DiGenova has not yet officially joined the President's legal team but his hiring was announced earlier this week.

Monday, Trump attorney Jay Sekulow announced that diGenova would be joining the team but his exact position is still unknown. Aside from the mystery of just what his role will be, the most interesting thing about diGenova is his theory about a secret society within the Department of Justice.

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It seems a recent disagreement over how to proceed in the Mueller investigation created a wedge between the President and his former attorney John Dowd. The president has said he is more than willing to testify before Mueller and he has nothing to hide but Dowd cautioned against doing so for fear that no matter what he would say the "witchhunt" would find a way to take him down.

It seems diGenova has similar opinions on the matter, the 73-year-old publicly pushed a theory that there's a secret society within the Justice Department set on undermining Trump's presidency. His theory of a secret plot may be accurate although its no secret the Mueller investigation was founded on a dossier that has since been proven to be false.

Even the guy who wrote the dossier said he didn't believe it was true. On top of that, it's now been proven the dossier was funded by the DNC making it an obvious attack and abuse of power from Hillary and Obama who allowed the shady FISA warrants to go through.

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DiGenova's wife, Victoria Toensing, is also an attorney and she too is expected to join the President's legal team although the nature of her position has not been confirmed either. Toesning also represents former Trump spokesman Mark Corrallo who has been interviewed by Mueller about a meeting between campaign officials and a group of Russian's who promised to provide "dirt" on Hillary Clinton.

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Anonymous No. 21352 2018-03-24 : 09:21

Seriously, are there any doubts by those that bother to read the uncovered and released facts that we do in fact have LIBERAL-SOCIALIST DEEP STATE, that is hell bent on Open Treason and Anti-American activities?

Hippo Crites No. 21431 2018-03-25 : 09:30

Deep State? Try what Jr. readily admitted to "most of our cashflow comes from Russia". Trump has been laundering cash for the Russian mob back from the Miss Universe days, hoping to build Trump Tower Moscow. They've got him by the short hairs and so does Mueller. You people are worse than Scientologist with your cult of personality surrounding a sleaze married 3 times, screwing prostitutes, harassing numerous women and suddenly it's A-OK with the religious right. How many abortions has raw dog Don the con paid for? Hypocrites. Boo - deep state is going to get him LOL.

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