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Bulgaria - ‘Beast From The East 3.0’ Surprises Migrating Storks Who Get Adopted By Farmer (Video)

Winter is back with a vengeance in Europe this week, as it looks like Easter may even bring snow for a large part of the ‘old continent’. Two countries that are taking a hard beating are Bulgaria and Romania in the east where large parts of the country are still covered in thick snow.

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Furthermore, given the older electricity network in these former Communist states (one of poles and cables hanging round like in the 1930s still), there is an additional problem for the migrating stork population who is highly present in these areas. They had returned already from their winter period in Africa thinking the cold season was over, only to find snow and freezing temperatures, something these majestic birds are not used to.

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Therefore, in the Bulgarian village of Zaritsa, many people have now taken the storks (who were sitting outside with frozen wings) into their houses and adopted them, making for some lovely pictures.

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The most famous Bulgarian to have done so thus far is 53-year-old farmer Mr. Safet Ismail, who has taken four of them into his small house. It shows that man and animal can lovingly live together in harsh conditions.


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Anonymous No. 21444 2018-03-25 : 11:39

Notice the room…

That is what 50 years of Socialism/communism did for this farmer.

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