By: Lawrence Synder | 10-18-2016 | News
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Melania Trump Blames Democrats for Bringing Up Bill Clinton’s Infidelities

Earlier this week, Melania Trump defended her husband and presidential candidate Donald for using Bill Clinton’s infidelity scandals to hit back at Hillary and the Democratic Party. According to the Slovenia-born former model, bringing up these issues during Donald’s campaign and public appearances is only fair game.

Aside from Donald, his family also became the target of the dirty tactics employed by Hillary’s camp and the Democrats. Shortly after the presidential race started, Melania found herself in the spotlight after the New York Post published a nude photo of her during her modeling days back in the 1990s earlier this year.

Despite these acts by Donald’s political rivals, which are very personal in nature, the Republican nominee still tried to maintain his composure by refraining from attacking his opponents on the same level. Following the first presidential debate, Donald noted that he chose not to bring up Bill’s affairs and cheating scandals out of respect for his family.

But, now that supporters of Hillary are refusing to slow down on digging up the Trump family’s past to use it against Donald, Melania noted that it’s only fair for her husband to use the same strategy.

“They’re asking for it,” Melania told Fox News during an interview according to Politico. “They started. They started from the – from the beginning of the campaign putting my – my picture from modeling days.”

“That was my modeling days and I’m proud what I did,” she added. “I worked very hard.”

Melania also defended her husband due to the media’s one-sided coverage regarding his inappropriate remarks toward women. According to her, these reports, including the ones that featured interviews with Donald’s alleged accusers, were planned out by supporters of the Democratic Party to bring down Donald.

“It was left wing and left wing media, and you could see that and the way it comes out is everything was organized,” she said. “This was all organized from the opposition.”

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