By: Kyle James | 03-28-2018 | Entertainment
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‘Roseanne’ Returns To TV, Showing Working Class Families

Lately, it seems some of Hollywood has run out of ideas and has largely resorted to remaking movies and reviving TV shows. Roseanne is one of the better examples of how a show can still work so many years later. Tuesday, the show that originally began in 1988 and ran through 1997, made its debut to the world once again.

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Somehow, the manages to be entertaining despite reappearing over 20 years since its last episode. It still remains relevant by showing a version of life for a working-class family America that remains honest while rooting the show in contemporary elements. The show still retains its original cast and they are just as good at what they do plus 20 more years of experience.

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The show also features Jackie played by Laurie Metcalf who won three Emmys for her role in the original series and Sara Gilbert who returns to play Darlene. John Goodman also reprised his role as Dan Conner once again, never mind that he died in the original series finale. The shows main character, Roseanne, is played by Roseanne Bar, one of the few vocal Trump supporters out of Hollywood.

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Roseanne has received her share of heckling for her political views in Hollywood, but she actually lives in Hawaii where she owns a Macadamia nut farm. She was a vocal supporter of Trump and insisting he wasn't a racist and it is important for him to shake things up in Washington.

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The show pretty accurately reflects like in modern American, complete with a feud between main characters who voted for opposite presidential candidates. Metcalf's character voted for Hillary and Bar's character voted for Trump. The show also includes an interesting look at how cultures mix. Two of Roseanne's grandchildren are biracial, DJ's daughter with his black military wife, and a boy who seems uncertain about his gender identity.

If you're into this type of comedy, the show manages to avoid being too politically leaning and still has a few good moments between Bar and Goodman that made the original series so entertaining.

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Anonymous No. 21727 2018-03-28 : 11:02

Promises to be interesting given the Liberals quick actions to BAN Free Speech if it opposes theirs.

art No. 21806 2018-03-29 : 12:27

the first show was good, the second one was not good with the freak of a grand kid.

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