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Trump Called Roseanne To Congratulate Her

The President of the United States took time to make a phone call to one of his most avid supporters, Roseanne Bar. Trump called Roseanne Wednesday to congratulate her on the success of her newly revived sitcom "Roseanne".

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The reboot of the original series which aired last in 1997, drew in 18.2 million viewers for its premiere Tuesday. Roseanne plays the main character and in the show, she and her friend get into a feud after they voted for opposite presidential candidates. Roseanne voted for Trump, and Laurie Metcalf's character Jackie voted for Hillary.

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A source from the White House told the NY Post that the president was impressed by the "huge" ratings of the show's debut episode. In the show, Barr plays her alter-ego, Roseanne Conner. Just like in real life, Roseanne's character is a Trump supporter. In Hollywood, Barr has received flak from her fellow stars for supporting the new president.

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When President Trump was running for Office, Barr was adamant that he was not racist and it was important that he go to Washington. The actress appeared on the JRE podcast in 2014 where she criticized the current political state of America. Trump's election victory has no doubt contributed to the show's comeback.

Barr is rejoined by her onscreen partner John Goodman who reprises his role as Dan Conner, Roseanne's husband. The show features contemporary jokes without being too edgy and manages to depict a somewhat accurate portrait of like in working-class America.

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Anonymous No. 21815 2018-03-29 : 14:41

The reason I believe this was such a hit in the ratings is due to the fact that for the last year and a half the so called comedy shows were nothing but a political rant about how our president must go. The Roseanne show was actual comedy and wasn't only directed to the crazy people that elected Trump but also showcased the fanatic nature of the far or alt-left which encompasses the majority of MSM and Homowood.

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