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Nikon's First Reflex Red-Dot Sight: P-TACTICAL SPUR Review (Video)

Nikon has introduced a new product called the P-TACTICAL SPUR that blends the best of two worlds into one, high-tech sight. The all-new P-TACTICAL SPUR combines reflex sight technology with a red-dot reticle for fast and accurate shooting. Gun enthusiasts will find Nikon's new sight has the optimal balance of price and performance in a sleek, new platform.

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Nikon has been known for their camera lenses but in recent years the Japanese manufacturer has branched into other applications and has steadily grown into a trusted name in the optics market. The P-TACTICAL SPUR is no exception when it comes to the quality Nikon is known for. The casing is durable, and slim with a lightweight aluminum chassis in a gunmetal grey.

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The sight weighs in at just 1.1-ounces and features a 3 MOA red-dot centered in an extra-wide 27mm x 16mm sighting window that will get you on target fast. The P-TACTICAL SPUR has a battery life of 15,000 hours and has a shut-off feature that will turn off the sight after 12 hours to save battery.

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The P-TACTICAL SPUR is designed for medium to close range applications and is available at a wide range of retailers. The best part about Nikon's new sight is that it is compatible with nearly any pistol, rifle, or shotgun equipped with a Picatinny Rail. Adding this beauty to your firearms accessory collection isn't going to break your bank either, it comes with an MSRP of just $219 and is backed up by Nikon's 5-year warranty.

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The extra-long battery life will give you peace of mind that the sight won't fail you in a pinch. It even boasts Nikon's proprietary TRUCOLOR lens coating for an extremely clear sight picture. The sight also allows for 10 different brightness levels that will keep you on target in even the brightest lighting conditions.

If your sidearm is frequently exposed to the elements, the P-TACTICAL SPUR can weather anything you can throw at it with an IPX7 rating which certifies it for most wet and extreme conditions. There's no doubt that the quality Nikon has built their name is present in the P-TACTICAL SPUR and if your looking to complete your platform with a versatile targeting system the P-TACTICAL SPUR is for you.

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5 Comment/s
Anonymous No. 21946 2018-03-31 : 10:03

Same sight the Polish CTU uses in R6: Siege

Anonymous No. 21947 2018-03-31 : 10:38

Nikon Great … Own a few scopes by them and one on my 10/22 100yd thumb tack driver.

But for my home defense tool, I purchased a extremely durable Trijicon MRO for $395…

I got lucky and caught it on sell.

Trijicon MRO which is built to US SOG specs uses a combat harden case, combat durable optics and etc… The continuous on Battery life in Combat Use is reported to be 3-4+ years of continual use at the mid light setting and 25 days continuous operation at the brightest setting.

I'd go Nikon for street hunting, and Trijicon MRO for home defense

Anonymous No. 21969 2018-03-31 : 18:00

200$ for a high quality reflex sight? Now we're talking, Imagine what they could do for a red dot! Bushnell has dropped the ball since their white label trs-25 are faulty and over priced.

Observing Libertarian No. 21997 2018-04-01 : 04:17

3 moa dot, and a centralized securing bracket to one side which isn't the full length of the mount - guaranteeing side to side rotation and lateral stringing.

No thanks. Wouldn't buy it even at $20, let alone $219.

Anonymous No. 22018 2018-04-01 : 10:36

A Cheaper solution and admittedly not as good

$29.95 - NcSTAR Compact Laser Sight.

Let them see you are DEAD ON TARGET.

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