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Desperate Search Underway For 13-Year-Old Who Fell In L.A. Manhole

Rescue workers in Los Angeles are frantically searching for a 13-year-old boy who witnesses say fell into a manhole near an abandoned maintenance building in Griffith Park. The boy was with a group of teenagers who trespassed in a fenced-off building near the edge of the park and were jumping on wooden planks.

Los Angeles police Sgt. Bruno La Hoz said one of the planks broke and the boy fell into a 3-foot-wide drainage pipe that fees into the L.A. River. Search crews worked for hours to find the boy but so far have had no luck. To help them find the missing boy, authorities used maps of the piping system to try and find where he could be.

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"That place is a maze," La Hoz said. "We don't know where the drain pipe goes to." The boy's mother, aunt, and cousins are at the scene and around 6:25 p.m. a firefighter escorted a distraught woman and man to the command post. "We have every city resource available," La Hoz said.

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Los Angeles Police Department, Los Angeles Fire Department and park rangers numbering over 100 are all searching for the missing boy. An LAFD alert said, "All avenues are being investigated." Search crews are stationed in various areas including the L.A. River and a drain near Chevy Chase Drive in case the boy comes through the pipes.

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News crews on scene were filming footage of over a dozen firefighters near the graffiti-covered maintenance building. News helicopters hovering over the scene were getting in the way of search efforts and were asked to pull back by authorities. The boy has been identified as Jesse Hernandez who was at the park with his family for an Easter picnic and egg hunt when he went missing.

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Anonymous No. 22078 2018-04-02 : 06:26

I feel sorry for the family my prayers go out to them it’s pretty hard sometimes kids don’t listen fist of all what they were doing there it’s also the parents fault for not keeping an eye on the kids

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