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Colorado - Twins Died In "Suicide Pact"

Twin sisters who underwent a cutting-edge brain surgery were found shot to death near a Colorado bridge. Officials say Amanda and Sara Eldritch, 33, were discovered dead Friday from gunshot wounds in a vehicle near the Royal Gorge Bridge and their death was a "suicide pact".

The sisters lived in Broomfield and were among the first patients suffering from debilitating Obsessive Compulsive Behavior to undergo deep brain stimulation surgery in 2015. An article published <a href="">by the Denver DBS Center</a> described the twins saying they "felt at war with their own existence. And in a desperate cry for help as adolescents, they tried taking their own lives."

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The cutting-edge procedure involved placing electrode wires on areas of the brain powered by a battery pack implanted in the chest. The hospital described the goal of the procedure to be "inhibiting the part of the brain that’s overactive." The implants achieve this by giving the proper amount of stimulation and suppressing anxiety.

The hospital article describes the procedure saying, "The electrode wires are placed under the skin of the head, neck, and shoulder, connecting with a battery pack (called a neurostimulator), which is implanted in the chest during a second procedure about a week later. Then, routine programming appointments help ensure the brain gets the proper amount of stimulation."

The twins doctors saw positive changes and improvements in the twin's mental health within a year saying they were "finding hope and joy in simple things." The Eldritch duo even made an appearance on the show "The Doctors" in an episode that focused on their dependency on one another. The twins admit they have a deep fear of being separated.

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In the episode of The Doctors, Sara and Amanda were asked to do separate tasks. Sara said, "It does sound very terrifying." A spokesperson for the show issued a statement Tuesday expressing their condolences to the family of the twins. "We are shocked and saddened to learn of their tragic passing and our thoughts are with their family during this difficult time," the spokesperson said.

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