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UK - Hero Who Fatally Stabbed Burglar Walks Free No Charges

A 78-year-old UK pensioner has been cleared of wrongdoing for the fatal stabbing of a burglar inside his home in Hither Green. Richard Osborn-Brooks stabbed a burglar who burst into his home late at night with another raider. The criminal died of his injuries and Osborn-Brooks was arrested on suspicion of murder prompting a public outcry over the slaying.

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The burglar was 37-year-old Henry Vincent and he was found collapsed in the street and pronounced dead at the hospital. The second suspect fled the scene and is still on the run from authorities.Osborn-Brooks suffered some bruising to his arms during the attack and both he and his wife who suffers from dementia are under police protection.

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The pensioner says he fears retribution from criminal associates of Vincent which has prevented him from returning home since the incident despite the presence two police officers. The fear of revenge from Vincent's associates has led to CCTV cameras are being installed that overlook Osborn-Brooks' home.

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"Richard doesn’t want to go home. He’s relieved to be in the clear but is not celebrating," a friend of Osborn-Brooks said. "He’s genuinely sorry about what happened to Vincent but felt he had no choice. The police are still very concerned for him and his wife who has arthritis."

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Mrs. Osborn-Brooks sat in bed unable to move during the burglary because of severe arthritis. One of the burglars was armed with a screwdriver and sometime during the scuffle Vincent was stabbed leading to his death. He was already wanted for a previous burglary. The whole incident has renewed the debate over one's ability to protect one's home in the country.

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Anonymous No. 22658 2018-04-08 : 14:12

If he killed a colored or a mukmuk he’d be in Strangeways already. Be free old fella, nice work.

Anonymous No. 22666 2018-04-08 : 15:28

Thank god there are still some sane decision makers in the U.K.

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