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Exclusive: Tennessee High School Teacher Faces Multiple Accusations Of Inappropriate Touching

According to documents obtained exclusively by The Goldwater, a member of the staff at Warren County High School in Tennessee who is currently making a bid for County Commissioner in Warren County, Tennessee has been accused by four 9th grade girls of inappropriately touching them. A letter from the DA involved in the investigation and the police report note how the teacher "at different times" touched the "would place his hands on their thigh, hips or waist" in a way that made them feel uncomfortable. Despite an investigation being conducted, according to the paperwork officials from neither the police department nor high school evidently feel anything needs to be done despite the investigator admitting he has no reason not to believe the girls.

In an interesting turn of events, the same District Attorney who recently pushed back the case of an alleged serial child sex predator involved in multiple counts of sexual misconduct with multiple teen girls in neighboring Coffee County plays a part in the proceedings.

Apparently, a conflict of interest led to a Pro Tem District Attorney being named to investigate any possible criminal allegations against the teacher. The Pro Tem DA spoke with the lead investigator and contact person for the Warren County Sherriff's Department who had taken written statements from all four girls. According to the DA's letter "none of the complaining girls had any serious disciplinary issues or a known motive for making any false allegations."

The allegations in each case were that the teacher invaded their personal space, touched them in the hip and thigh region, in at least one case the upper thigh (groin) area and that they now all felt uncomfortable around him. Meanwhile, though the Principal went forward to the police and the police investigated, the Pro Tem DA balked at acting. "Because the violations do not violate criminal law, there is no reason for further investigation from a criminal standpoint. Thus I will be closing the investigation and will not be pursuing any criminal charges. As to whether [redacted] violated any school policies or whether the school needs to take any actions against him, I have no authority or jurisdiction in that realm and will leave it to the Warren County School Administration to make that decision.

We are currently in contact with one of the parents of one of the girls and have reached out to the teacher in question and will continue to update this story as more information is available.

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Ashley Keith No. 22731 2018-04-09 : 16:50

Wow that's crazy. I haven't heard or seen anything about this..

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