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Anti-2A NY Democrat De Blasio's Deputy Arrested Firing 9mm with Missing Serial Number

There's interesting news surrounding Democrat Bill De Blasio - New York City Mayor - where his Criminal Justice Deputy has been busted with an illegally obtained handgun that had the serial numbers scratched off - with De Blasio being a known anti-gun liberal.

The 42-year-old Deputy, Reagan Stevens, was arrested on Saturday night carrying what police say was both a loaded 9mm weapon, that had the serial numbers scratched off, both being serious criminal offenses.

Law enforcement says that they stopped a 2002 model dark-red colored Infiniti SUV in Queens, with both Reagan Stevens and two other men, only to find the loaded handgun in the glove compartment of the vehicle.

Police say that they were alerted using the NYPD “ShotSpotter” device that noticed a burst of five repeated gunshots in the Jamaica area of Queens just after 9:42 PM Saturday night, the New York Post reports.

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That high-tech listening device used by law enforcement was able to track the gunshots to 174th Street and 109th Avenue, where they would also obtain closed circuit television footage from a local business showing that the gunshots came from the Infiniti.

Stevens was then arrested, along with the driver, 25-year-old Caesar Forbes, and 24-year-old Montel Hughes.

Police also said that the two other men arrested had knives in their possession, and now the trio of De Blasio connected democratic criminals are awaiting arraignment Sunday night in Queens Criminal Court, where Steven's own mother, Deborah Stevens Modica is a Judge and has served on the bench since 1997.

Interestingly enough, Reagan Steven's stepfather, Salvatore Modica, also serves as an acting Queens Supreme Court Judge.

So far both of the judges have refused to comment on their daughters arrest.

Even more so disparaging is the fact that Reagan Stevens works for De Blasio where her key victory was implementing a 2017 state law that will raise the age at which kids can be prosecuted as adults for non-violent crimes from 16 to 18.

It's also important to note that the New York Police Department has been at odds with De Blasio, who's blatant disrespect of the lives of murdered police officers caused a response from the NYPD where they turned their back on their Mayor at a slain officer's funeral.

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She's also a former employee of the Brooklyn District Attorney’s Office, although her current taxpayer funded salary brings in a whopping $90,000 a year.

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The Mayor’s Office of Criminal Justice spokesman Patrick Gallahue said “We take these allegations very seriously,” but failed to explain why De Blasio, who's been incredibly outspoken in response to the shooting at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland, Florida, would hire someone who thinks it's acceptable to carry a firearm with a scratched-off serial number, an action that many gang members and criminal thugs would resort to doing.

Each of the three criminal Democrats now face several charges, including two counts of criminal possession of a weapon, one count of carrying a loaded firearm, and another for the illegally scratched-off serial number, none of whom would confess to ownership of the weapon.

Democrats tend to have such a motto, of refusing to accept responsibility for their actions.

It will be interesting to see how all of the major mainstream media outlets in New York City respond to these charges, if they report it at all, and how the Mayor responds to the allegations against one of his own.

This is a developing story, we will update with any relevant information surrounding the office of the anti-Constitutional rights Mayor Bill De Blasio, or the criminals he hired to work in his office.

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Anonymous No. 22734 2018-04-09 : 18:51

Possession of a firearm w/o serial number or obliterated s/n is a felony!! Only exemptions are for old firearms like early 1900's and before where they were not required. Even though its still legal to build your own firearm for yourself ie not for resale you are required to put your name, city, state, and a serial number. This fucker better end up in jail or at least stripped of their ability to own a firearm. We have plenty of gun laws they just need to be followed and no one should be "above" the law NO ONE!!!

I will bet not a word about this will be muttered on normie programming. SAD cause they are all about taking guns from law abiding citizens, and they end up being the law breakers!

Anonymous No. 22735 2018-04-09 : 18:58

She's a damn criminal! I'm pretty sure this is the cartel who she was with!

They deal Cocaine and Heroin all over that area! I live very close!

Anonymous No. 22736 2018-04-09 : 19:00

Jesus these Democrats are all criminals! Lock them all up! I guarantee you this was the drug cartel like >>22735 said. I also live right around the corner from here. These are gangbangers and drug dealers. We all know De Blasio is involved in the drug trafficking too we have known for years and the media covers it up!

Anonymous No. 22737 2018-04-09 : 19:00


Anonymous No. 22741 2018-04-09 : 20:47

Deblasio is a scumbag piece of trash and this was probably him going to pay his druggie crooks the illegals the demmafia uses to sell their coke

Anonymous No. 22754 2018-04-09 : 23:51

Actually no serial number is required if you build it your from a 80% kit. But you cannot sell or trade the weapon.

ATF ( MOST STATES) naturally except Liberal states.

But it is a felony to own a firearm that has serial numbers removed or altered

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