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Germany - French Public Sector Strikes Spread To German Airports

What many business travellers in Europe feared seems to be happening as the ‘spring of discontent’ among transport workers has now spread from France (see our related coverage) to Germany where today some 800 Lufthansa flights were cancelled and other smaller European countries were also affected as a ripple of trains and planes all ground to a halt.

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The two biggest nations on the European subcontinent, France and Germany, now see their national airlines strike on the same day, leaving hundreds of thousands of travellers stranded. Meanwhile, in France, the rail strikes are also set to continue.

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Transport company boards in Europe have been calling on politicians to impose some kind of minimum service to guarantee travel to its most loyal customers but thus far none in Western Europe have responded to the call.

Lufthansa, the German national carrier has today been forced to cancel 800 of its 1,600 scheduled flights because of the walkout by its public sector workers. The airports of Frankfurt, Munich, Cologne and Bremen are all affected.

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Ms Bettina Volkens, Lufthansa's head of human resources, claimed that: "It is completely unacceptable for the union to impose this conflict on uninvolved passengers."

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"Lufthansa is not a part of this collective bargaining conflict, but unfortunately our customers and our company are being affected by the consequences of this dispute. Politicians and legislators must define clear rules for strikes and industrial actions."


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