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Disney Fails To Hide Harvey Weinstein's Employment Agreements

Walt Disney Co.'s request to keep several employment agreements with Harvey Weinstein confidential were denied by a Canadian judge. The ruling is part of a lawsuit initiated by an unidentified Toronto actress who is suing Harvey Weinstein, Miramax, and Walt Disney Co. The lawsuit names Jane Doe as the woman accusing the film companies of negligence for facilitating Weinstein's "sexual predation in the workplace".

Disney is Miramax's parent company and along with Weinstein and the two film companies, the lawsuit also seeks damages from Weinstein's former assistant, Barbara Schneeweiss. Jane Doe accuses Schneeweiss of causing mental injury against her. Disney has previously said that the Hollywood mogul had "virtual autonomy" when it came to how he operated the independent film studio named after him.

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The company known for its animated films says there is no basis for the actress' legal claim against them and asked the Ontario Superior Court of Justice to seal three contracts with Weinstein. Disney argued it couldn't do so publicly without violating confidentiality agreements. The plaintiff's attorney argued that would allow Disney to "cherry pick" parts of the agreement that are favorable to their case.

Ontario Court case management master P. Tamara Sugunasiri wrote, "I am not persuaded that Disney requires a sealing order over the agreements." Doe alleges Weinstein introduced himself to her and said she looked like his "ex-girlfriend" whom he named as Ashley Judd. Initially, the actress said she was "thrilled" and "honored" to have been noticed by the mogul and quickly agreed to a meeting over breakfast to discuss her career.

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Jane Doe said in her testimony, "After several minutes, Weinstein said, 'Thank you Barbara, that will be all for now.' Schneeweiss immediately left the room." She goes on to claim Weinstein said, "I like massages. What do you think of massages?" She argued that was not an appropriate topic for the meeting so he offered a tour. When they got to the bedroom he pushed her onto the bed, pinned her down, and performed oral sex. The actress's lawsuit is suing Weinstein for sexual battery.

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Source: Disney Fails To Hide Harvey Weinstein's Employment Agreements

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Anonymous No. 23038 2018-04-13 : 11:18

Liberals protected this 55gal drum of slime for what 20+ years and allowed others to be RAPE and sexually abused?

But many of the same, turned a blind eye to LIBERAL Abuse and went after a few Conservatives???????

I am confused …..Women tell me again how the Liberals and Democrats Champion Women Rights?

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