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"F**k Trump," Alex Jones In Deleted Rant Praising Russia And Syria

We wrote a few weeks ago about Alex Jones claiming he was "through with Trump" after signing the Omnibus Bill. Of course he was just being sarcastic and explaining that, as many hardline supporters tend to do, that despite what it looked like it, the Omnibus (Cloud Act and all) was actually not such a bad thing. It appears he's "off the Trump Train" again, this time, apparently for real.

And jump ship he has, Trump is now the "butt boy for Al-Qaeda and ISIS" according to Jones. The Syria strike was done at the behest of the Neo-Con globalists (an idea that doesn't seem entirely impossible, as at least 1/10th of Alex Jones' disinformation, misinformation, information mix often is).

In the teaser (deleted from the main YouTube) he pulled no punches with an expletive laden rant that was subsequently deleted. He cusses out Donald Trump for a little while, sparing not a grain of the salty language, to rival that of any sailor. Most of it is aimed at the g*d*ed motherf*ing liberals who got over on Trump to evidently pull his hand towards making this strike.

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"This is what Obama wanted." One thing really sticks out about "the New Alex Jones" is how he is especially partisan. I can actually remember a time when Alex Jones at least admitted the false dichotomy in the left/right divide. Another thing I noticed was at one point in the stream that followed the deleted teaser was something about "delay that" as if he realized he'd overstepped some boundaries. This made me think it was possibly just the latest gimmick. Considering the fact that the "coffee goblin" in Seattle turned out to be an amateur wrestler and professional amateur wrestling announcer, the chances of it being set up is likely.

In the stream a couple hours later, it's really your typical alex jones show he's just flip flopped on the side he's supporting. For instance, now Russia and Syria are "the good guys." At the turn of the millennium Jones was claiming we were on the verge of war with Russia and that Putin was one of the most dangerous men in the world.

It gets weird at points. Apologizes to Donald Trump, "I didn't mean I hate your guts," then admitting the President "hasn't called me in six months."

I watched the whole stream (so you don't have to, to borrow a line from the recently scandalized Channel Awesome) and it does come off as gimmicky a bit. "I felt like I just had my best girlfriend break up with me" he says at one point, nearly in (staged) tears, "and that's what made it so bad" if he'd have acted like a piece of crap from the beginning…" Besides claiming he wasn't just "being a drama queen," i.e. "the Alex Jones bit," he came off heavy-handed with the "boyfriend done me wrong, why did I trust him" act.

The live feed after the "deleted teaser" rant features Jones first promising not to curse and then apologizing for his language on a couple occasions as well as apologizing for saying he hated Trump. The next step is a host of explanations for why Trump isn't a bad guy. He was just doing what he had to do "because he loves his kids." The real fault lies on the American people who allowed it to happen when they allowed Mueller to conduct his investigation "beyond the scope of the law" referring to the potential violation of attorney-client privilege and the lack of scope in the investigation which initially was in regards to Russian collusion.

Russia and Syria are the good guys, by the way the "white knights" in the scenario. Russia is out from under the globalists, Jones explains and the gas attack was likely Israeli in origin due to Prime Minister of Israel Benjamin Netanyahu's personal political issues.

Jones described the betrayal as being "like I got raped in the you know what. About an hour and 20 minutes in he also blames it on the fact that Donald Trump has been urged by his advisors not to listen to Alex Jones anymore saying those around him are trying to "keep our briefings from him."

It's also around hour and a half he starts sounding a little drunk (some viewers in the chat had been noting he sounded intoxicated to them all throughout the show). As one viewer noticed, he had mentioned coming back into the studio from dinner when the news of the attack had come in. Just before that InfoWars had had a special 34 hour straight livestream "to stop World War III."

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Alex Jones is an actor portraying a character like Howard Beale's angry prophet of the nightly news in the movie Broadcast, but Donald Trump has been the first politician he's championed to this degree. As witnessed in the comments section, he's surely angered many of Trump's base which has some major overlap with his audience. As for the reasons why, they're likely many and varied.

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Anonymous No. 23121 2018-04-14 : 14:32


laura No. 23122 2018-04-14 : 14:38

F#$K ALEX JONES i dont have time for a constant flip flopping drama queen. Of late Alex has been reminding me to much of Shepard Smith and as of now I dont support or watch either of them

Anonymous No. 23129 2018-04-14 : 17:20


PQ No. 23164 2018-04-15 : 05:22

Sounds like Alex is finally slightly starting to open his eyes a little more to where the real puppeteering is. YES the neocons want to demonize Russia for defying their central bankocracy, that's where this whole thing got started. There was huge popular vote behind the Crimea - more than NATO managed to orchestrate in areas of the former Yugoslavia; would we have objected if 98% of Alaskans would have rejoined the US had they been under Russia? Maybe Alex even is starting to see the WMDs were faked yet AGAIN - why would Syria be insane enough to give the West ANY kind of pretext? The independent investigators are already starting to unravel this BS claim.

Alex is not fully awake yet, but he's slowly getting closer…

Anonymous No. 23168 2018-04-15 : 06:24


found the russian

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