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UFO Memorial To Be Moved Amid Witness Objections

A UFO sighting in 1969 was immortalized by a memorial in a remote corner of Massachusetts, but the memorial has now been ordered to be moved. One UFO witness who had a close encounter of his own is objecting to the move of the 5,000-pound memorial.

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The UFO sighting in 1969 is known as "our nation's first off-world/UFO incident" and is memorialized by a thick slab of stone and a plaque. Now, decades after the historical sighting, the town found that the memorial is located on a town right-of-way easement and must be removed by the owner. If the owner does not remove the memorial by May the town will remove it anyway, according to Town Administrator Rhonda LaBombard.

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LaBombard said, "It's kind of on town property and no one decided it could go there. The town has bylaws and if we let one place put something up then why can't someone else? I don't want that to happen." The reason for the memorial's location is because that is where the sighting occurred. The memorial itself is a 5,000-pound concrete structure that was installed in 2015 but it is unclear who owns the memorial.

Louis Aragi, the farmer who believes the memorial is on his land, said he was surprised by the town's plan to move the memorial. Another resident named Thom Reed is one of the four people who had a close encounter near the location on September 1, 1969, and he is not pleased with town's decision to move the memorial. "This isn't fair to the community," Reed said. "It's not right having nothing there."

Reed added that he is confused at the town's decision to move the memorial since he worked with town officials to find the memorial's current location. "She chose the spot herself," Reed said of LaBombard. "This has come up more than once," he said. "We're not done with the monument." The memorial is home to a bench donated by Reed and the International UFO Museum Research Center in Roswell, New Mexico as well as two black light posts.

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Reed's encounter took place one night September 1969 when he was just 9-years-old. He and his mother, grandmother and brother were crossing a nearby bridge on their way home when they looked back to see a "self-contained glow" behind them. The glow was moving through the trees alongside them. What happened next is where it gets really interesting.

Reed's family car entered a clearing and it was instantly flooded in light with an amber glow on both sides of the dirt road they were traveling. The car rolled to a stop and everything seemed "really calm", he said. Reed also describes a shift in barometric pressure and the dead silence was suddenly broken by crickets and frogs.

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Reed isn't exactly sure what happened next but he describes memories of being in something like a hangar with other people. Next thing he knows he is back in the station wagon but his mother and grandmother had switched seats and over two hours had gone by. Over 40 other residents of Sheffield, Great Barrington, Stockbridge and South Egremont reported seeing strange lights in the night sky. The case has largely been credited as the first officially recognized off-world experience.

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