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Facebook Employing AI To Censor Conservative Content

One thing was made hugely clear during Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg’s testimony before the Senate about privacy issues related to the sensational social media platform’s handling of user data- that is, Zuckerberg intends to use artificial intelligence to manage the censorship of hate speech on Facebook.

Artificial intelligence or AI was mentioned at least 30 times during the testimony. Zuckerberg said then that Facebook is five to ten years away from a robust AI platform. Not that Facebook is alone in such as four of the other Big 5 tech conglomerates- Google, Amazon, Apple and Microsoft are also into the development of AI, many for the shared purpose of content control.

Such development, however, is a cause for concern for civil liberties activists and anyone concerned about the potential erosion of first amendment rights online. It is not merely a conspiracy theory why some are expressing concerns and worries about the impending encroaching specter of a corporate-government propaganda alliance. More than a month ago, Facebook, Google, and Twitter also testified before Congress to say they’re launching a “counterspeech’ campaign where positive and moderate posts will be targeted at people consuming and producing extremist or radical content.

Facebook for one has always been accused of practicing censorship against conservative and alternate news sources. In fact, the Electronic Frontier Foundation ( EFF) outlined some other cases of the social media platform’s “overzealous censorship” in just the past year. There are the samples of high-profile journalists in Palestine, Vietnam and Egypt have encountered a significant increase in content takedowns and account suspensions, with no substantial explanations given other than the generic ‘Community Standards’ message.

Discourses on racism and harassment are also often labeled as ‘hate speech’ and consequently censored.

Zuckerberg thinks AI is the answer to all its woes, and even said during his testimony: “Over the long term, building AI tools is going to be the scalable way to identify and root most of this harmful content.”

The Facebook CEO also shared that truth is, AI is already very much at work for Facebook. He said: “Today, as we sit here, 99 percent of the ISIS and al-Qaeda content that we take down on Facebook, our AI systems flag before any human sees it.”

The troublesome part is the corporatocracy with a revolving door between Silicon Valley and the State Department where a discussion of corporate censorship invariably includes an acknowledgment of government propaganda which incidentally was officially legalized in 2012 under Obama’s NDAA.

Zuckerberg also answered during his testimony that Facebook is still more trustworthy with user data than the government. Essentially, AI will harbor the biases and values of the entity that creates it. Machine learning may be seen by its creators and advocates as the future arbiter of free speech, yet it will be corporate and government programmers who determine its protocols, and that what makes it all the more dangerous.


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