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Photo credit: Times of Israel

Israeli Political Strategist And Netanyahu Confidante Dies In Accident

Motti Morel, Israeli political strategist who once helped Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu win an election in 1997 has died at the age of 66. Jerusalem Post reports it as an accident that occurred between a truck and the electric bike he was riding. Paramedics declared him dead at the scene.

Netanyahu says he "was very upset to hear of the tragic death of Motii Morel." Morel, however, referred to Netanyahu as a "scoundrel" before the last election based on the alliance between Netanyahu and Avgidor Lieberman. Netanyahu was "obsessed" with Iran Motti Morel was also <a href="">involved in the Dror Center</a>, a Church of Scientology organization in Haifa, Israel.

Morel had also been formerly accused of attempting to frame a lawyer for a rape he did not commit. An investigation was brought to the Knesset when Morel had 120 envelopes filled with itching powder delivered to the congress as "promotional material" while working for the Israel Psoriasis Association. Morel is survived by four children.


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>has died at the age of 1966

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